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Butterfly Cemetery_ Cai Jun _txt novel paradise .. (7th Dec 22 at 5:04am UTC)
The clear mind that could be seen at a glance made Xia Junxuan feel more relaxed than ever before. He could not help but want to scold her, to tease her, to see her jump with anger. Since seeing her, Xia Junxuan has done too many gaffes that he can't imagine, but he is so happy. Between meals, Xia Junxuan's silence and Su Laner's chatter were put together, which seemed to be somewhat eerily harmonious. It was not until the third quarter of the year that Su Laner returned to Yan Zixuan with the food box. See Yan Zixuan's palace people are all treading on thin ice. But this time Su Laner didn't have to guess who was coming, because she saw little Mencius when she entered the yard. When little Mencius saw Su Laner, he greeted her warmly. "The girl has come back. The emperor will come in the morning." Su Laner clenched her hand carrying the food box, and her nails kept running across the hollow crane pattern on the body of the chicken wing wooden food box. She had butterflies in her stomach for a moment. Because the time of the arrival of Summer King's Landing was too coincidental, Su Laner had to worry that the matter of Qiongfei had been leaked. But looking at little Mencius, he didn't seem to have come to settle accounts. Su Laner breathed a sigh of relief and handed the food box to Xiao He Zi, who came forward to take over, and smiled kindly at him. Immediately, Su Laner stepped forward. Little Mencius leaned forward and knocked on the door. "Your Majesty,digital interactive whiteboard," he said, "Miss Laner is back." Then little Mencius pushed the door open. Meow ~ A little orange cat ran to Su Laner at the moment of opening the door. Su Laner looked at the kitten in front of her, and her heart was even more uneasy. She looked up at several people in the room. Xia Junxuan sat at the head, smiling gently, waiting for Su Laner's reaction. Missan and Nandai stood respectfully at the head and looked back at Su Laner. Su Laner is now almost certain that someone between Missan and Nandai must have told Xia Junlin about the purse. Because Su Laner did not believe that Xia Junlin would have such a heart to heart with her,65 inch smart board, the front foot she just embroidered the orange cat pattern of the purse, the back foot Xia Junlin sent an orange cat. Although little He Zi knew that Su Laner was going to embroider a purse, the specific pattern was only known by Nan Dai and Mi Sang, who were in the main room at that time. This matter must be one of the two people told Xia Junlin. But what Su Laner couldn't understand was why Xia Junlin sent the orange cat so rashly. Don't like it? Xia Junlin asked in a gentle voice. The voice was as friendly as ever, with a benevolent bearing. However, Su Laner still heard a different meaning from the voice, which seemed to be somewhat. Nervous? Su Laner calmed down and smiled at Xia Junlin. "How could it be?"? The maidservant did not react for a moment when she saw such a lovely kitten. With these words, she crouched down and picked up the kitten and let it curl up in her arms. Nan Dai glanced up at Su Laner. She was always like this, always paying attention to where Su Laner was in the crowd, with endless dependence and trust. Su Laner was ashamed of her suspicion just now. Maybe it's just a coincidence? Su Laner thought of this, but when his eyes passed over Nandai, interactive touch screens education ,smart board touch screen, he caught a glimpse of Missan, who was standing with his head down and his expression respectful. Missan followed Su Laner after she came to Yan Zixuan. She was awarded to Su Laner by Xia Junxuan and Yan Zixuan, but her temperament was quite similar to that of Su Laner. Although she was not as good as Su Laner, she was more lively than the wooden ladies around her. Therefore, Missan soon won the favor of Su Laner and Nan Dai and became their good sisters. Missan perceived a gaze upon him and subconsciously looked up at the source of the gaze. In the moment of looking at each other with Su Laner, Missan's eyes flashed, and there were some complex emotions in his eyes that Su Laner could not understand. Su Laner held the kitten in her left hand, clenched the aqua-green purse around her waist with her right hand, and poked the lotus embroidered on the purse with her nails. Xia Junlin smiled, "what's wrong?"? You seldom take the initiative to call yourself a'maidservant ', but today you are so restrained? Su Laner looked fixedly at Xia Junlin, not knowing how to answer. Xia Junlin glanced at the purse on Su Laner's waist and said with a low smile, "You don't have to be unhappy. I didn't know you embroidered the purse for me until I called Missan for questioning." The heart that Su Laner is carrying a meal, clenched and Tirian's finger also loosened. It turned out that Missan just mistakenly thought that she wanted to send a purse to Xia Junlin. Su Laner said with a smile, "The maidservant's embroidery is not good. I really can't do it.".
” "It doesn't matter. I know your mind. Give it to me." Xia Junlin's eyes became softer and softer, as if they were full of stars, enough to contain everything. Su Laner dodged Xia Junlin's eyes, put the kitten down and knelt on the ground. "Your Majesty, forgive me. The maidservant put the purse before." I lost my purse. The maidservant came back so late to look for her purse nearby, but unfortunately she couldn't find it. Xia Junlin's smile is still gentle, "then don't look for it, you can do another one." He narrowed his eyes slightly. "Since I lost it, it means it shouldn't be my thing.". After all, you did it. Just embroider another one for me. Su Laner is stupefied, she did not expect Xia Junlin to ask unexpectedly also do not ask, so let it go. She looked up at Xia Junlin and nodded dully. Xia Junlin smiled more deeply. "You really look like this cat. It's right to send it." He held out his hand. "Get up." Su Laner picked up the cat and stood up. "Thank you, Your Majesty. The maidservant dare not." Xia Junlin didn't care. He reached out his hand and touched the kitten in Su Laner's arms. "You can give it a name." Su Laner had some interest. "It doesn't have a name yet?" "Yes," said Xia Junxuan, "I think it's better for you to take it." "Then call it Meow Meow." Su Laner looked at the kitten who kept acting like a spoiled child in her arms and whispered. Su Laner suddenly found that things in this world are really coincidental. Her modern mother once named her "Miaomiao" because she was born like a kitten and cried little, which made her parents love her, hoping that she could grow up to be a cute and coquettish girl like a cat. Later, her parents broke up, everything can no longer identify with each other, the only step is to make the choice to abandon her. From that moment on,75 smart board, Su Laner hated the name that symbolized her parents'love and pity in the past, and her character became more and more casual, like a local dog who was not fastidious.
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