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Three Kingdoms Rangers (4th Jan 23 at 12:31am UTC)
"What?"? Xu Du still has such talents? Yi Ji rolled his eyes for a long time, reached out his hand and scratched his temple for a long time, but it was still illusory, he could not see anything, and he did not make any sense. Shaking his head, he took the ear cup from the table and put it on his lips, which was a practical feeling. I stood up and couldn't help nodding: "What a man of God!"! Haha, I finally have some face, and my vision is not too far away. "Brother Wang," he said to a screen on his left, "you've been guessed. Why don't you come out and meet yuan Zhi?" A man turned out from behind the screen, dressed in sackcloth, with a strong figure, a black beard, and a faint glimmer of light between his eyebrows. Xu Shu stood up and handed him his hand. "How are you, brother Wang?" He said. The man glanced at him and said, "I will be ill if I meet you.". Strangely, I only had a swordsmanship competition with my brother in Yingchuan five years ago, and I met him once. I don't know how you can guess that I came to Xuchang and lived in Fei Shuai Fu? "It's not difficult," said Xu Shu with a smile. My master, Mr. Shuijing, was fond of traveling in his early years. There are many close friends in the world, and news from Xuchang can often spread to my humble place. Brother Wang came to Xudu three years ago to meet friends with a sword. I already knew that. And once brother Wang heard of such characters as Fei Shuai, he would surely come to learn from each other. With Fei Shuai's temperament and talent,Steel investment casting, after meeting, Brother Wang was inevitably not attracted and fell in love with each other. All day long, he talked with Fei Shuai about literature and martial arts, and discussed major events together. "It's reasonable," said Wang Yue with a smile. When he came near, he suddenly reached out and pushed him on his left shoulder. Cao Cao shook his shoulder slightly and showed some dodge. Wang Yue shook his head and drew back his right hand. He asked, "Why did you worship Sima Hui as a teacher?"? Your father still refuses to recognize your mother and son? Xu Shu said lightly, "He wants to recognize me, but I don't want to recognize him yet." Wang Yue oh,titanium machining parts, then no longer speak. I thought to myself, "So they have.". Cao Cao's grandfather didn't recognize his mother and son? Could it be that he had broken out of the Xu family? "You two used to know each other," said Yi Ji. "That's great. Everyone, please sit down and talk again. I sat down with Cao Cao and Wang Yue. Wang Yue looked at Xu Shu. "How have you improved your swordsmanship in the past five years?" Xu Shu blushed slightly and said, "I'm ashamed. I've let Brother Wang down. I've been fleeing here and there for the past five years, and I haven't made any progress." Wang Yue snorted, "Look how fat you are. Your reaction is worse than before. I know you haven't made any progress.". It's a pity that your talent for practicing swordsmanship was very good, but it was ruined by yourself. I laughed and said, "Only when you lose something can you gain something.". yuan Zhi abandons one enemy and learns from ten thousand enemies, which is also a good thing! "Brother Wang is too harsh on yuan Zhi." Wang Yue took my cup, drank a few mouthfuls, and said, "That's true.". Look at your list of talented people just now. Your knowledge is far from what it used to be. You have made rapid progress! "Especially when he guessed Brother Wang, ha ha!" "Ha ha!" Wang Yue looked at me, "I am congenial to Fei Hou, and I am a close friend.". "Brother Cao Cao is also a member of our generation. Naturally, one guess is right." "Brother Wang is absolutely right, die casting parts ,Investment casting parts," I said. "All four of us feel like old friends at first sight and treat each other with all sincerity." Cao Cao glanced at YiJi, snorted. Wang Yue said with a smile, "Can Fei Hou bring us some food and wine? I want to have a few drinks with Brother Xu and Mr. Yi." I laughed and said, "Of course it's absolutely no problem." The fourth chapter Jin sees Emperor Xian. "It's getting cold!" Early in the morning, in the east of Runan County, on the top of Mang Mountain, a man looked at the north from a distance and murmured. Yeah, big brother. The mountain wind is very cool. What are you always looking at? Shall we go into the village? Behind him, a tall man with thick eyebrows looked at the hillside on the east side and shouted. Is it? ' The man turned his head slightly, with a white face and bright eyes. He was about forty years old, but he was the big fellow's uncle Liu Bei. He looked at his subordinates who were training in full swing on the flat ground in the middle of the mountain. He sighed softly and said, "It doesn't matter if the wind is cool. There are still cold clothes and houses to avoid.".
Yide, do you know, at this time the Yellow River has lost the power of flooding, quietly and flow, Cao Jun crossing the north without any geographical obstacles, if it is forced to cross the Yellow River, who can stop it? The big man of iron was Zhang Fei, a famous man. "Is that not good, brother?" He asked? Once Cao Cao crosses the Yellow River, the rear is bound to be empty, and we can take advantage of the void and go straight to Xu Du! "Take advantage of the situation and go straight to Xudu?" Liu Bei turned around and suddenly shivered. Zhang Fei hurriedly took a cotton cloak from his left and right hands and put it on his shoulder for his eldest brother. Liu Bei patted him on the arm and said with a smile, "The third brother also knows how to take advantage of the situation. He has made great progress." Zhang Fei stepped back and said, "Elder brother has come to make fun of Yide again.". I just saw my eldest brother staring at the map every day, always drawing the route to Xu Du, so I thought that my eldest brother might have this idea. Liu Bei nodded, "Yes, what the third brother saw was not bad.". My brother is dreaming about how to capture Xu Du, rescue your majesty, and restore the prestige of my big fellow. As soon as the wind changed, he said, "But how easy is it to take advantage of the situation?"? Third brother, how is the contact with Liu Bi and Gong Du's two Qu Shuai? "Chien Yung hasn't come back," said Zhang Fei. "Maybe he's still trying to persuade them. But I see Xuan, Liu Bi was defeated by Cao Alfy in Pingyu, and vowed not to return to Runan within a year. Gong with the new wild Haydon hunting out of the true fire, is ready to fight with him, to decide who can have the black tiger skin, also have no leisure to take into account. And He scratched his head. "There's a woman in the middle. It's hard to do." "Third brother," said Liu Bei, "that's Du Junshi of the Yellow Turban Army and Gong Qushuai's stepsister. Don't be a bitch." "Yes, I know," said Zhang Fei. Liu Bei pulled his cloak and said with a sigh, "Actually, what you said before is all superficial. The last sentence is important.". Do not return to RuNa, I can design to let their army from other county crossing, has been into the Xuchang at the gates. And the new wild ShouJiang spirit, more is a push, I have heard that Haydon although young, people are prudent, he can tolerate thousands of yellow turban lie at the gates of the new wild, and will care about a piece of tiger skin? The key lies in the attitude of Du Junshi. I've seen her a few times, and although she doesn't speak much and is polite, both Liu and Gong are in awe of her. This time,Stainless steel foundry, Jian Yong was blocked, mostly because she was unwilling to help. Zhang Fei snorted: "Smelly woman, timid." 。
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