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Huanzhu Landlord _ Black Ant - Posted By Rosaura (rosaura) on 7th Dec 22 at 1:04am
The two girls were very sad and indignant after watching it, and Feng Zhu hated Wang Yi and Yao Tao even more. Asked if he had found these two men on the way, as well as the traces of the Blue Mountain, the Red Man, and a wounded demon, the two female soldiers said, "Nothing happened all the way.". In order to know that there was still a way to go in the cave when he went there again, he followed the way of the Blue Mountain to chase the demon. Sure enough, he found two roads leading to the east of the Happy Tree. It was a cave, only two or three feet around. Outside was a forest, surrounded by big trees. It was very secluded. He had to go through the crevices of the trees and walk for a while before he could return. Looking back, there are still two strong men lagging behind in the future. They shout that they should not. They return to the search and find a secret path leading to the way back. It is deeper from the ground, the population is smaller, and the whiskers snake past. Hearing the sound of shouting in front of him, he went over and saw that a strong man inside had been knocked down to the ground. Not far in front of him was a woman's corpse, which was illuminated by a lamp. It was Yao Tao. When I heard that I was looking for a way just now, I drilled into the hole as soon as I saw it, and then greeted it with a signal not far away. The two of them, one after the other, had already heard the signal from the crowd. Seeing that there was a road ahead, they came all the way. When they found the path and turned back, they often found a pool of blood on the ground. Remembering that they had killed the demon before, they were greedy and planned to go forward for a while and then come back. As soon as he found the man, he shone a light into the hole and saw a wide path inside. A dead body was lying on the ground. He hit it with a dart,smart boards for conference rooms, but there was no movement. He went in first. As soon as he saw that it was a peach, he suddenly saw a dark shadow in the future, which disappeared in a flash. Suspecting that the wounded demon was still in the cave, he was so bold and careless that he rushed after him without sending a signal. Just as he was walking, he suddenly got a heavy blow on his head and fainted to the ground. He followed his companions, and Zaixing and others also looked for him. Seeing that the road was wide and straight, he ran after him. Zaixing was the first to gallop, and the others were behind him. Looking into the distance, Zaixing was walking when he suddenly met an enemy. The two sides started fighting. As soon as they met,interactive panels for education, the light flashed, and the man was knocked down. Suddenly, he jumped up and galloped away. Zaixing caught up with the man, the two sides said a few words, the man was still running away, Zaixing did not catch up, sent two darts, are hit on the stone wall, chasing farther and farther. Wait for people to arrive, people have disappeared. Zaixing suddenly said that this was a madman, and he was afraid of danger in front of him, so he took the others back and went out from the exit he had found first. On the way, he told the people that the madman had been hit in the vital part and would die soon. Don't mention it when you get to the Little Jinniu Stronghold. Two female soldiers still heard when they came. When Feng Zhu and Ji Tang heard this, they called the two mountain people and asked about the appearance of the madman. One replied that the man had fled when he arrived, and the other said that the man had wild hair, a piece of animal skin around his body, and in his hand he seemed to be holding the skeleton of a tree. He was strong, 65 inch touch screen ,interactive whiteboard for schools, light, and very fierce. His face was black and bloodstained, and he looked terrible. He had never seen him before. As soon as he was illuminated by a lamp, he was knocked down. When he woke up, the Second Master ran so fast that the lamp could not be illuminated clearly. The man seemed to be lying in ambush and trying to assassinate him, but the Second Master saw through him and knocked him down. He did not know how he could escape. Later, both sides ran fast, their voices were urgent and low, and they could not hear what they said. "Does it look like Wang Yi?" Asked the two girls. Shan Renli said, "I didn't see it clearly at that time, but it didn't look like a madman at all. Not only was his head full of messy hair and his whole body dirty, but he also gnashed his teeth and made a strange cry. His eyes were fierce and angry, and his head was like a ghost. He seemed to want to eat people. He really looked like a madman." The two girls first suspected that Wang Yi was homeless and had hidden himself in the cave, but then they did something unconscionable. They did not care, but they became crazy. But they did not feel like what the mountain people said. Thought: When Zaixing comes back, you will know as soon as you ask. Although he felt a little suspicious that the letter had not been mentioned, he talked for a while and then let go. There were only nineteen young girls among the more than ninety people. They were all smart and brave, and each knew a little skill. Because there were lovers, they were forced to come with them. The remaining seventy people were carefully selected by Zaixing, each with its own expertise, and as soon as they had enough hands, they quickly got up. A few days later, more than forty people arrived, and more than a dozen of them were relatives and friends of the eight people who had returned before. They had already been selected, but because they had not been able to wait for a long time, they heard the eight people say that they had made an appointment with each other and planned to steal it. Seeing through by Zaixing, he refused to listen, so he had to choose more than twenty warriors to send some small livestock, waterwheels, windmills and other things that he had never thought of a few days ago. He also brought a message saying that Yu Long had repeatedly asked him to stay and had chosen a few helpers to give him careful advice. I had planned to stay for a few more days once and for all, but a few days ago I received a report that the good party had colluded with the foreigners and scolded them in the mountain pass. I was afraid that something would happen, so I had to take charge.
There are only more than twenty days left before the fifteenth day of the next month. Please be extra careful. Write a letter about the local situation and give it to the strong man to bring back so that you can rest assured. Can't leave before the full moon next month, will also find time to come back to visit, to discuss the strategy to deal with the ghost head and so on. Before the full moon, Feng Zhu could open the farmland and build the houses. Suddenly, many people were added. They all worked hard to be the first, but none of them flinched. There were many civil workers inside. With the full cooperation of all, in less than twenty days, they opened the fields and planted the seeds. The houses on both sides had been built. At first, he was afraid that the cave would be too wide and too different in height, and that cattle, horses, and livestock would not be able to be transported. Unexpectedly, Zaixing had already thought about the terrain first, and the first people came around the killing cliff. In the middle, there was only a slope deep in the ground where they were trapped that day, and it was difficult to pass through. Zaixing had already pointed out that it was difficult to get through the dangerous place. At the end of the cave, although it was hanging up and down. In order to surprise Feng Zhu, without prior notice, suddenly all the people, cattle and horses arrived, only three pigs and one sheep were injured, and the rest were safely delivered. Therefore, continuous ploughing and planting are all convenient,smart board interactive whiteboard, and after they are completed, everyone is naturally very happy. TXT BBS to search for excellent novels, welcome to TXT BBS to recommend all kinds of wonderful novels. Two five bark alert.