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Doomsday Train [Infinite Flow] --Zhao Anyu - Posted By Chikirinmochirifu (chikirinmochirifu) on 30th Nov 22 at 9:26pm
Liang Yusheng answered briskly, "then I'll move a few more jars of wine and give you a good trip." Bai Han compares the size of the bowl mouth to add: "Three bowls but the kind of post." After two days of rain, the fresh air rich in water vapor was very comfortable to inhale into the lungs, and Bai Han, who was reluctant to go home, went straight to the edge of Penglai. It's like dragon island here. Bai Han, sitting on the edge of the cliff with his knees in his arms, pointed to the front, where they were thousands of meters away from the sea level. I just dropped the spider silk down to the bottom, and there were all kinds of strange fish. "No wonder you don't eat fish." Liang Huisheng put his arm around her shoulder comfortingly. "I won't eat fish in my life." Bai Han hung his head and stressed resentfully, "You are not allowed to eat fish either." Liang Yisheng accepted good advice and said, "If you don't eat, don't eat. Can I just eat meat?" That's more like it. Speaking of the city that never sleeps, Bai Han remembered what he was puzzled about a few days ago: "Yes, yes, I almost forgot. Why were my two swords found to be very powerful by Lv Shu'an and Luo Zhiming,brass tube fitting, and your sword was all right?" Liang Yusheng had considered this question. "I was a little surprised at first, but later I figured it out: your two swords were given to Uncle Shiyilang by the descendants of Gan Jiang Moye. My three swords were cast by Uncle Shiyilang under the guidance of others. The standard is different." I see. But Luo Zhiming praised that "the sword is soaring into the sky". Speaking of it, the new fish intestine sword that Baifu got from the Bo Winter Museum is not inferior. Bai Han said with regret, "I wish I had stayed in the Shushan Sect. Now I must be learning how to refine Qi, and then I will use Qi to control the sword. In a few years, I will be able to control the sword and fly a thousand miles a day. I will roam the great tasks of the world." "Stay and don't come back?" Liang Yisheng turned his head sideways and stared at her. The sunshine rendered his face into a warm and bright golden yellow. "What if there is one less person in the team?" "Salad." Bai Han suddenly realized that his boyfriend was handsome and poked him on the tip of his nose. You can continue to form a team with Lao Zhao Baifuzheng. With such a powerful line-ups,pipe fittings manufacturer, you can just form another team. Just pick a beautiful girl. Liang Yisheng thought about it for a long time before he shook his head solemnly. Changing the team members is a big deal. Let me think about it. At present, this team member is good at kung fu and has a good heart. Medusa's snake hair is not bad even if she has a heart-protecting mirror. She has a lot of treasures on her body, such as the feather of the heavenly horse and the sword that flies to the sky. She also gives me a few valuable things at every turn, such as the Emerald Watermelon Sutra of the Empress Dowager Cixi and the Red Coral Tree. There is no place to find it. Only one is not good: I am not allowed to eat fish. He stretched in front of the sea and said, "Forget it. I won't change it." Bai Han glared and laughed in a few seconds. Hey, Liang Yisheng, is this player beautiful at present? "All right." This time Liang Yisheng only thought about it for a while. "Anyway, I haven't seen a better one." A few hundred meters away from his courtyard, Bai Han found an acquaintance sitting at the door and hurriedly pulled Liang Yusheng to speed up his pace. Ling Yaozu, who had a full face of stubble, did not look good. His face was pale and his eyes were black. It was obvious that he could not get rid of drinking and staying up late. His mouth was full of alcohol: "How is she?" "Not so good." Bai Han thought, tube fitting manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, "I don't eat anything, I vomit when I eat.". I'll heat her up some milk and noodles or something. Liang Yisheng also said: "Let her slow down for a few days, and we are still lively here." Ling Yaozu nodded, "that's hard for you." He leaned against the wall and took out the cigarette case with his eyes closed. Seeing that he had no intention of speaking again, Bai Han said hello and pushed the door into the courtyard. As usual, the two little snakes swam back to the lotus jar filled with rainwater to play, but Liang Yusheng stopped outside the house: "You go in, I'll go back to prepare, and come over for dinner later." The first time I saw Lei Xue on the train, Bai Han thought, "This girl is really beautiful, and she doesn't look like a bad person at all. But now this girl in front of me will only make people feel pity.". The oval face with beautiful lines is only palm-sized, but the two big eyes are more eye-catching. In just a few days, Lei Xue has lost half of her weight. The whole person can be described as "shape-pin bone-standing". Come with me to Brother Liang's house for dinner tonight. Bai Han said in a brisk tone, "No outsiders, just a few of us.".
” Curled up in the bed, Lei Xue stared blankly at the jade lotus root placed on the bedside table. In the past, she liked this precious and beautiful thing best, but now the rare treasure is right in front of her eyes, but she has no interest in touching it. Bai Han kicked off two shoes and climbed onto the bed and rolled to her side. Just now we went to look for Lao Liu and asked us to pick something at random, but unfortunately I didn't see anything. But he is still enough meaning, he and Lu Wenhao's mission experience are written down to me, two days later I went to find Chu Yan to let her see, you also together ah. By the way, let me call you for Lao Liu's farewell dinner tomorrow. Not only the five of us, but also Chu Yan and Ye Han will go. This time Lei Xue had a reaction and said in a hoarse voice, "You tell him for me that you have a safe journey." Bai Han touched her head like an understanding elder sister. How can that work? Brother Liang said he would move some jars of wine for Lao Liu. Wine from one or two thousand years ago, from Xiangyang in the Ming Dynasty. We can't suffer losses. We must eat and drink him well. Thundersnow smiled sadly and buried his bloodless face in the sheets. Xiao Bai, please do me a favor. It was the first time she had made a request these days, and Bai Han nodded repeatedly: "Good." "I'll go to Golden Ranchi to quit the team these two days." Her voice was dull and weak. "Tell Teacher Du for me." Bai Han didn't want to think about it, so he flatly refused. No way. If there is an empty seat in our team, it will be fine. What if you quit the team now? Where to find the right teammates? Chu Yan, they are also full. Yes, that's right. With Baymax, you don't have to worry about recruiting people at all. But don't forget to know people's faces but not their hearts. Everyone in Penglai is safe. No one can do anything to us. Who can guarantee that all the teammates are reliable when entering the task? Have you forgotten what I told you about Wei Zhenyong, Li Lizhong, and the two women? Without my snake,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, we're done. Bai Han did not want to mention the disgusting experience of Titan Secret Land from the bottom of his heart and frowned with boredom. I object to this matter and say that I don't agree with anything. Lei Xue shook his head. I will walk alone in the future, and it has nothing to do with others. "That's irresponsible of you." Bai Han poked her on the shoulder. "Not to mention Ling Yaozu, Teacher Du is also good to you. I don't think it's appropriate for you to leave like this.".