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Break the sky (12th Dec 22 at 12:52am UTC)
Break the sky
Ling Quan held the blood red jade card in the palm of his hand, but his eyes were staring at Xiao Yan in a strange and cold way, and the smile at the corners of his mouth was particularly gloomy. The elder issued a heavy order, if this trip to see the people of the Xiao family, he will be invited to the ancient clan a narrative! If the other side does not follow, I have the right to use force to forcibly take it away, so, Xiao Yan, you also obediently go with me! Ling Quan's cold voice echoed slowly in the courtyard, making the temperature here unusually cold. Chapter 1116 is vulnerable! In the courtyard, the atmosphere is solidified at this moment, the breeze is blowing, but it can not open the tight atmosphere. Under the blood ruby card in Ling Quan's hand, even the two old men in black dared not take action again. The blood jade order had a strong deterrent in the ancient clan, and even the two of them could not be easily ignored. Xiao Yan's eyes, turned to Ling Quan, immediately stopped on the face full of dense, dark eyes, but also slowly on the chill. Lavender's eyes stayed on the blood-colored jade card in Ling Quan's hand for a moment, and her cheeks became completely cold. She didn't expect that this guy was still carrying a blood-colored jade order! "Ling Quan, come with me now, I can pretend nothing happened!" Taking a breath, lavender stared at Ling Quan with bright eyes and said slowly. Ling Quan's mouth slightly shook, after a moment, slowly shook his head, lavender son more so, his heart to Xiao Yan's intention to kill, is more and more strong. Miss,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, this is the order of the elders, and I have no right to disobey it! For Ling Quan's words, lavender's face gradually calmed down and whispered, "Well, I wrote it down.." Hearing lavender speak so softly, Ling Quan's face changed instead. He knew in his heart that lavender was really angry this time. It's all the little waste of the Xiao family! Today, even at the risk of offending the young lady, I will leave an unforgettable mark on this waste! Ling Quan's face became more and more gloomy, like the eyes of a wild animal, staring at Xiao Yan,ceramic welding tape, holding the palm of the Blood Jade Order, slowly clenching, making a slight creaking sound. Are you going with me, or am I going to do it? A hoarse and cold voice came slowly from the mouth of Ling Quan. Xiao Yan looked straight at Ling Quan, and the corners of his mouth finally lifted the cold radian. This guy succeeded in arousing the intention of killing in his heart. Do you still think this is the year? Hearing Xiao Yan's words, Ling Quan laughed instead of being angry. "Very good," he said. "So you're not going to go with me to the ancient clan?" Xiao Yan smiled and nodded, he did not know, Ling Quan is trying to find an excuse to their own hand, but the other side also know that he himself, is also holding such a mind? Those grudges of that year, if you leave like this, that is not a bit of a wimp? And now Xiao Yan, also want to let the commander of the black annihilation army know that he could easily take lavender away from him, but now, if he does not allow, his commander, has lost that qualification! Seeing the smile on Xiao Yan's face, Ling Quan also laughed, Ceramic Bobbin ,cordierite c520, and even a blind man could feel the cold killing in his smile. This commander wants to let you know today, no matter how you can jump, in the eyes of my ancient clan, it's just an ant. Do you really think that your family that doesn't even have the qualifications to step into Zhongzhou is still the Xiao family of that year? Ling Quan stepped forward slowly, and the majestic breath, like a volcano, surged out of his body and immediately swept across the sky! "Take one more step and die." Soft voice, suddenly sounded, a white shadow, appeared in front of Xiao Yan, light gray airflow, slowly rising from the body of the little doctor. Looking at the sudden appearance of the little doctor, Ling Quan's eyes are also slightly shrinking, with his ability, nature is able to perceive the terrible strength of the little doctor, "but also rely on women?"? Su Qian, who used to rely on the inner courtyard, has to rely on women again this time. When can you really rely on yourself? If your ancestor learns under the spring, he will not be peaceful even if he is afraid of death, will he? Ling Quan's eyes turned to Xiao Yan, and his voice was full of sarcasm and disdain.
"First, as long as it is able to command the power, that is their own power, relying on other people's childish words, can only make people laugh, you can be so arrogant, if not by the name of the ancient clan, with your five-star Dou Zong strength, what can you do?" Xiao Yan smiled, smiling, more and more cold to the bone. Second, the ancestors of the Xiao family, you are not qualified to mention. "Third, to deal with you." I don't need help from others. Xiao Yan looked with a smile at Ling Quan, whose face was shaking under his words, and then pulled the little doctor away gently. You Seeing this, the little doctor Xiandai frowned slightly. You don't think I can't handle this kind of stuff, do you? Xiao Yan slanted his head and looked at the little doctor with a smile. Hearing this, the little doctor shook his head helplessly and had to obey him. She was also extremely displeased with the man named Ling Quan. Xiao Yan brother, start is, all the consequences, I will be responsible. Lavender light tunnel, can let her cold temper to say these words, we can see today this plume spring, she was enraged to what extent. One side of the two men in black looked at each other, both with a wry smile, and immediately secretly scolded that Ling Quan did not know each other, thinking that with the blood jade order, they could act recklessly, they could think that even if this guy could return to the ancient clan smoothly this time, the future fate would certainly not be much better. Xiao Yan smiled and looked around the courtyard. "Elder Ye Chong," he said, "this is just a private matter. It has nothing to do with the Ye family. Please leave this place to us for a moment." "Mr. Xiao Yan is joking, not to mention this piece of land, even if this Ye family, you want to open your mouth, the old man will not have half an objection.." Ye Chongwen outside the courtyard, hurriedly laughed, they are also attracted by those four-winged unicorns in the sky, and he also understood that people who can be related to Xiao Yan,alumina c799, how can they be ordinary people, these people, most of his Ye family can not afford to offend.
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