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Live in the second female game (4th Jan 23 at 12:36am UTC)
It's not impossible. A bus comes at eight o'clock every morning. If you have money, you can follow it. You can record the notice. There is a discount on the fare. Grandma returned the notice to Tish. Said, the grandmother added: "If you are lucky, you can also meet senior schoolmates." "Yes, thank you." Tish took the notice. It's all right. It's all right. There's more than one anyway. The old woman waved her hand and picked up the newspaper again. 8:00 in the morning. I'm staying here for one night tonight. Arriving at the front desk, Tishi handed the notice to the other party, and then she got a room card. Put all the suitcases in the place, and Tishi lay down directly on the bed. The next morning, Tish went to the place by car. She looked at the place to make sure she was right, and her eyes were a little strange. In front of us, it looks like a classic railway station, but in Tishi's opinion, it looks like a blocked tunnel not far away. The tunnel is not long and can be seen to the end at a glance. Tish was sure that the inside was blocked and the car was impassable. But at the same time, the people standing on both sides of the track told Tish that she was not wrong. At eight o'clock, a locomotive appeared at the end of the tunnel, and then the whole train appeared. Tish followed the crowd to get on the bus, looked at his seat number, and went to the designated place. Hey, what did you say? You want to die! As soon as I opened the door of the carriage,ball valve manufacturer, a fist rushed straight at Tish. Eh. Tish reflexively stepped back to the side and dodged the attack. Although she dodged, because she let go of the luggage in her hand, the luggage went to the side. The hedgehog-headed man originally saw that he was going to hit someone and wanted to take it back, but it was too late. His eyes lit up when he saw the man dodging. Hey, does it look good? Thinking so, the hedgehog threw another punch, a little faster than just now. Just then,hydraulic fitting supplier, Tish's luggage came over and tripped him over, and the man who saw it couldn't hold back his laughter. The man's face was a little out of place, and he threw another punch, trying to teach Tish a lesson. Why do you hide casually? My luggage hit me! Mader, no quality at all! Still coming? If the other side made a mistake at the beginning, is it intentional now? Di Shi feels very speechless, oneself did not look for trouble, do a train casually to still be able to go up to this shit? At that moment, a hand held down the luggage to prevent it from moving forward. The man in uniform appeared in front of everyone. This guest, please calm down. Don't make noise on the train. Violators will deduct credit points and be blacklisted by us. The hedgehog-headed man who had just punched Tishi was as powerful as if he had been poured cold water. He took a few deep breaths to calm down, grinned, and showed an embarrassed smile: "I'm not dizzy with anger, I'm sorry.". I was too excited just now. I didn't want to cause trouble. "It's out of our hands. You have to question the guest who was attacked." The man in uniform said, 14 needle valve ,38 tube fitting, raised his hand and pressed the button in his ear: "This is carriage 3. The dispute has been settled." Hearing this, the hedgehog looked at Tish and said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.". Are you hurt? Why don't I pay for your ticket? Don't report me. It looks too dewy. It doesn't look big, but it has a little skill. He is not a college student, or he has a background in his family. Not easy to mess with, Mader. Why didn't I just think of that? I was cheated and almost got into trouble. The hedgehog-headed man cursed in his heart and was cruel to the culprit. Of course, he's just talking about the ticket money, and he can't take it seriously. After all, the ticket is not cheap. These trains only have discounts for the universities on the list, but for everyone else, they come at the original price. This woman looks young. She should have no experience. She is easy to cheat. She has apologized so much. If she can't pull down her face and say more nice words, she is unlikely to ask for money. Thinking like this, the hedgehog's smile is more simple and honest. The staff saw the man like this, guessed his idea, could not help frowning, but did not say anything. After all, this is a matter for both sides, they only need to ensure the safety of the train on the line, do not need to meddle. Ok Tish readily accepted the man's offer of compensation. She picked up the suitcase beside the staff, looked at the concave piece on it, pointed to it and said to the hedgehog man, "You should also pay for my suitcase.".
” The hedgehog-headed man smiled stiffly and did not know what to say for a moment. I'm just being ***ing polite, and I don't really want to give you money, okay? You should just say it's okay and walk away. Have you gained some knowledge? But the staff is still standing there, if they really have any changes, they will probably be asked to go down, right? This is still small, he may be pulled into the blacklist, and he can't take this car in the future. Mader. You don't seem to like it. Tishi gave a cut in his heart and knew that he was talking casually. But she always feels uncomfortable when she forgives people like that. The man really wanted to hit himself later, but he didn't provoke him at all. A man who beats a woman for some inexplicable reason should be beaten back. I didn't get hurt because I had a good skill and avoided it with my strength. If it were an ordinary person, the punch would be solid, and there would be a little blood. Just now he said.. Report? With this in mind, Tish looked at the staff standing next to him who acted as a telephone pole. I want to report him. Is it registered with you? "Yes, there may be some information to fill in." The uniform man's eyes flashed a little strange, apparently not expecting things to turn out like this. He will choose to forgive each other because of Tish, after all, this girl looks. Very pure? "Yes, please take me there." Tish smiled with thanks. Come with me The man finished and prepared to take Tish to the other carriage. Wait The hedgehog-headed man's face changed, and he clenched his teeth and said, "I'll pay you for the suitcase." Tishi turned around, tilted his head and looked at the hedgehog's gnashing teeth. He smiled and said,needle valve manufacturer, "Thank you.". But it's enough to pay for the ticket. This box is not valuable. How can I ask you to pay for it. Brother, the ticket money is for you, isn't it? 。
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