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Han Yuzhi, I am working hard. (7th Dec 22 at 5:19am UTC)Quote Reply
However, in the hearts of Kim Hyun Joong and several other people, it is impossible to let it go. Holding the heart of revenge for Jiang Wuyou, but also with their own narrow-minded four people, naturally is to make Xu Yongsheng back to invite Jiang Wuyou a meal of Han Niu, and this is naturally a few of them can "incidentally" eat a meal together. Regardless of Xu Yongsheng's protest, the four of them, together with Jiang Wuyou, decided on tonight's dinner. Playful to playful, as today's M! CountDown host SS501 group, because of the need to prepare for the rehearsal of the MC recording, so Jiang Wuyou or leave first. In the end, only Moon Hee-jun's waiting room has not been visited yet, while Kang Go-woo and Kwon Eun-hyuk are in high spirits, ready to draw a perfect end to this "visit" trip. At one o'clock in the afternoon, at the gate of Mnet TV station, the chaotic scene and the crowded crowd looked like a vegetable market from the sky, chaotic and noisy. In the crowd, a large number of students dressed in white clothes attracted most people's attention. Where are the people? Is everyone here? How many milks have come? Did anyone else forget to bring the album? Where are the captains? Come and count them up. A girl who looked like a high school student stood on the steps and asked loudly about the crowd standing in front of her at the bottom of the steps,Small Dc Gear Motor, while beside her, another girl who looked almost identical was the support tool at her feet. And the two of them are the sisters of Liu Xiaoying and Liu Huaying. Although most of the people under the steps look young, there are still many people who look much older than Liu Xiaoying. However, looking at Liu Xiaoying's energetic command of the crowd under the steps, as well as the expression of those people listening, we can also see that Liu Xiaoying's position in this group should also be unusual. Sister Hyo-young, this little girl also wants to listen to Go-woo OPPA live,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, but she doesn't have an album. Liu Xiaoying, who was busy counting the number of people, was suddenly disturbed by another responsible person. Why is it like this again? Liu Xiaoying frowned and looked up at the person in charge, "the stage of M! Countdown must bring the singer's latest album to enter, didn't I send it to Fan. Club and Nate?"? Why did someone forget to bring it again? Looking at the person in charge is also a face of trouble expression, Liu Xiaoying shook his head, "forget it, anyway, we are the first time to organize this kind of thing, mistakes are inevitable.". Fortunately, I told everyone to bring as many albums as possible. You should have extra albums there. Lend one to that'milk '. You don't have to ask me about this kind of thing in the future. If your album is not enough, come to me again. With that, Liu Hsiao-ying turned around and wanted to go to another group of people in charge, Low Rpm Electric Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, intending to check the number of people who came today to see if the situation of items such as support cards was normal. And the person in charge grabbed Liu Xiaoying and said hesitantly, "Sister Xiaoying, it's like this, that person doesn't seem to be'milk ', but she said she knew Wuyou OPPA, so she came to ask me if I could help take her in.". I said I couldn't decide, so I brought it to you. "What?"? Not 'milk' '? ". Liu Xiaoying frowned again. It seems that after arriving at the gate of Mnet TV station today, Liu Xiaoying's eyebrows have never been loosened. It's not milk. Why do we have to take her in. It can't be the other fans who make trouble. What else can I do about this kind of thing? It must be a film. Don't pay any attention to this kind of person. "Who said I was a liar?" A young female voice came in, "I already know Wuyou OPPA, do you want to see the picture?" Liu Hsiao-ying turned her head and looked at the little girl who was speaking: her big eyes, her delicate nose, her tender white skin, and her little face with a little baby fat all showed the loveliness of the little girl. And wearing a milky white coat and a plush hat, she looked even more like a doll.
Liu Xiaoying looked at this lovely little girl, originally feeling a little irritable, she could not say anything cruel, soft voice asked, "You and Wuyou OPPA know?" "Do you want to see a picture?" The little girl took out her cell phone and handed it to Liu Xiaoying. Sure enough, there are photos of Jiang Wuyou and the little girl in the mobile phone, but they are not the only two people in the photos, as well as Park Sun-young, Xian Enjing and others who were seen in Lotte Amusement Park last time. Liu Xiaoying, who confirmed that the other party did know Jiang Wuyou, whispered to the other party, "I'm sorry, my tone was not good just now.". I'm really busy today, and my attitude is a little irrational. Let me introduce myself. My name is Liu Xiaoying, and I am a member of Milk. I don't know what your name is. My name is Jiang Zhiying. I have known uncle for a long time, but I was busy today, so I forgot to bring uncle's album. But just now it's strange that you call yourselves'milk '? What does'milk 'mean? Jiang Zhiying asked doubtfully. Uncle? It seems that you really have a good relationship with Goyou OPPA. But you don't know'milk ', aren't you the fan? "Of Wuyou OPPA? Seeing the other side shaking his head, Liu Xiaoying explained a little, "Isn't the Korean writing of Wuyou the same as that of Milk? So we fans call Wuyou OPPA the Prince of Milk, and we call ourselves Milk.". But if you're not a fan, how did you get the album? I remember that all the albums on the market now are pre-ordered albums, which should be very difficult to buy. "Of course, the uncle sent it to our house. My two sisters and I each received one.". But my sisters are very busy today, so they can't come to see the scene, so they have to get rid of me. As a result, I went out in a hurry today and forgot to bring the album. Jiang Zhiying stuck out his tongue and was embarrassed to explain. Liu Xiaoying looked at the little confused in front of her, and then looked at her sister Hua Ying, who was looking after the support card in the distance,Brushless Gear Motor, and thought to herself, "These two little guys are really impetuous.". Looking at Jiang Zhiying's expectant expression, Liu Xiaoying nodded and agreed to take Jiang Zhiying into the stage together.
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