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Recommend [Sweet Text] Extreme Addiction (12th Dec 22 at 1:08am UTC)
Recommend [Sweet Text] Extreme Addiction
"We have made great contributions to the reproduction of mankind, not to the benefit of society?" "Mrs. Shang, your idea is not good." "It's a serious thing to think about something with color in your mind." Shang Heng's deep and magnetic voice sounded carelessly, and as he picked up the shoulder strap of Wen Yuqian's nightdress, it fell into Wen Yuqian's ear. It is the man's smiling lips, which are thin and look appetizing: "… …" You think I look easy to fool? "It's not important, it's important to cooperate well." "Be good." With a yarn. Wen Yuqian felt that he was really prescient, lying on Shang Heng's knee ready to chat, early to guard against this dog man will do bad things. In addition to her nightdress, she was wrapped in a small quilt. At this time, after feeling Shang Heng's uneasiness and kindness, he quickly wrapped himself in a small quilt and rolled aside until he stopped inside the bed. Beautiful pupil is staring at him: "Do not come over, come over again I went to guest room to sleep." Shang Heng looked at the suddenly empty arms, slender fingers still keep the movement just now, his handsome face suddenly stunned for half a second, and then a heavy smile. Thinking of the little girl's movements just now, like a rolling kitten, the smile between her thin lips could not be restrained. At this time open round pupil,mirror stainless steel sheet, a face of vigilance looking at themselves, obviously peach blossom eyes, she was so round staring, actually a bit of cat pupil meaning. What do you want to talk about? Shang Heng decided to take it slowly. The night was long, and it might be more interesting to take it slowly. Little girls like fun. Wen Yu Qian saw that Shang Heng was sure to give up the idea of reproducing the next generation with her, which slightly relaxed his vigilance. Didn't you ask the bodyguard to protect Mian Mian? How is Mian Mian now? "Did you eat well and sleep well? By the way, how is the child?" Listen,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, little girl, one question after another. Shang Heng pondered for a few seconds and suddenly asked slowly, "Since you are so worried about her, do you want to fly over to see her?" Such a mouth-watering proposal, Wen Yuqian's first reaction is to immediately agree to it. However, in a flash of lightning, Wen Yuqian narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at him dangerously: "Why did you make such a proposal so suddenly?" Such a seductive proposal does not seem to come from Shang Heng's mouth at all. What do you want in exchange, huh? As for the little girl's reaction, Shang Heng had long guessed it. He leaned against the head of the bed with a languid expression and stretched his eyebrows: "I heard that there is a thousand-year-old spring in the ancient town of Qin Mian's hometown. All the couples who have drunk the spring water there will grow old together for a long time." "What?" Wen Yuqian thought of many possibilities, but he didn't expect Shang Heng to engage in feudal superstition. She leaned over to look at his face and asked, "How old are you?" Chapter 88 The light in the master bedroom is dim, and only a long-necked desk lamp is left beside the bed, which is specially bought by Wen Yuqian. It is good-looking and applicable, stainless steel welded pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and it can also adjust the comfort of the light. Usually when they are about to go to bed, they will only turn on this lamp. At this time, the little girl was very bold to lean over from the inside of the bed, stretched out two small hands, picked up the man's cool jaw, and asked him carefully how old he was. The girl's soft palm was pressed against his hard jaw line, and the radian fit, as if it should have been born like this. Shang Heng's deep eyes looked at her for a long time. Only then the tone is calm, floats out: "Two years later will calculate the old man's age." Wen Yuqian originally looked at his beautiful eyebrows and eyes in a trance. At first hearing his gentle words, he quickly withdrew his little hand and raised his eyes to look at him: "Do you want to have a baby so much?" Shang Heng carelessly played with the little girl's little hand, please pinch her finger pulp, Qingjun cold face actually added a bit of unruly meaning. The tone is calm and relaxed: "I don't want to have a baby." "What is that?" "I'm more interested in the process of having children." Shang Heng thought that he had made several pages of A4 paper notes, which would be wasted if they were not completely used in practice. Wen Yuqian twitched his lips: "..." How on earth did this dog man say such a thing with an expressionless face and a calm face.
She raised her little hand again and pinched Shang Heng's face a few times. As she pinched it, she said to herself, "This face doesn't feel thick." "Why does it feel so brazen?" Before being stopped by Wen Yuqian, Shang Heng did not have time to take off his glasses, but through the thin lenses, the edge of the fundus seemed to be neutralized and became peaceful and harmless. At this time, he was looking at the little girl quietly, and did not take her words to heart. Pale thin lips slightly open: "Mrs. Shang chat should be over." "Hey?" Before Wen Yuqian had time to react, the man who had been free and unbridled with her suddenly imprisoned her movements. The next moment. The whole bedroom was dimmed. Wen Yuqian listened to the sound of the lamp turning off, closed his eyes subconsciously, and when he opened them again, there was darkness in front of him: "Shang.." With only one syllable, Wen Yuqian felt the corners of his lips covered by warm thin lips. The glasses on the man's face had not yet been taken off, and following his close movements, the thin edge of the frame rolled over the skin of Wen Yuqian's face, with a slightly cool tingling sensation, not uncomfortable, but a little strange feeling. Glasses Wen Yuqian struggled to overflow two words from his red lips. The curtain in front of the French window was not closed, and the moonlight was slightly cool tonight. With the dim light of the moon, Shang Heng could see the two red marks on the little girl's white skin. Wen Yuqian's feeling came late, and he opened his eyes, which had adapted to the darkness, and looked at the man hanging above. From her point of view, the man's always meticulous neckline was pulled open at random at this time, revealing a white complexion no less than that of a girl's skin, and his eyes were always as deep as the sea. At this time, his emotions were surging, just like the sea where the wind and rain were coming, quiet, deep and dangerous. I do not know how long,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, Wen Yuqian felt like a small boat on the turbulent sea, facing the turbulence and danger of the sea, fragile and vulnerable.
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