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Fourteen Years Ghost Hunter (Fourteen Years Trick (12th Dec 22 at 1:10am UTC)
Fourteen Years Ghost Hunter (Fourteen Years Trick Hunter)
On the way to the accident site, he told me the mystery of the matter. He said that although this kind of thing has happened many times, not everyone who dies with resentment will become such a ghost. The place where the accident happened was its original home. In the southeast of that place, it was the largest cemetery in Fuling. In the southwest, it was the crematorium in Fuling. The location of the Temple of the Son of Heaven happened to be in the north of that place. So the place where the accident happened was actually in the center of the environment surrounded by these three places. In addition, adjacent to the Yangtze River, all the dead people in Fuling had to go through that place. So it is not surprising that this place has a ghost smell. First it is sent to cremation, and then it is taken to the cemetery for burial. Although the Hall of the Son of Heaven is a Buddhist place, it is on the top of the mountain, and both Taoism and Buddhism are offered. It has lost its original purity, so the so-called restraint by virtue is no longer feasible. On the way, Lao Wen asked me, "Do you know who brought back the first Buddhist sutra in China?"? I said, is it the Tang monk teacher? He said yes, but in the Journey to the West, although it was the emperor who asked the Tang Priest to fetch Buddhist scriptures, it was Guanyin Bodhisattva and the Jade Emperor who left Zhu Bajie, Sun Wukong and Friar Sand to the Tang Priest as disciples. The sharpest thing was that the Jade Emperor actually lived in heaven with the Buddha. This was simply a mess. You said that people should take Buddhist scriptures well. What kind of coax did you Taoist immortals come up with? As soon as he said this, I was speechless. I had only seen Journey to the West on TV, and I couldn't tell whether the immortals in it were Buddhist or Taoist. But I knew that Taishang Laojun was at least Taoist. As a work of art, there was no need to delve into it. However, the sinicization of Chinese Buddhism may have really begun in the Tang Dynasty. Laowen also said that in addition to the previous terrain accident,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, there was a coincidental objective reason for this place. He said that the crematorium in the southwest of the accident site has now developed to the point that in addition to a simple farewell and cremation of the remains, a gun salute has been set up, and the sound is deafening. It happens that this pair of road breakers are very disgusted with the sound of guns. Every time the female ghost he had previously cleaned up appeared, it happened to be the time when the crematorium fired guns. Although it is impossible to verify whether the recent car accidents are also related to artillery, the reason mentioned by Master Wen is far-fetched, but one more analysis is always a good thing. As we spoke, we arrived at the place where the accident happened. Master Wen took out a large roll of red cotton thread from his bag. Wrapped with a roller like we fly kites, he first measured the range, and then pulled the line against the gap cut between the road edge and the ground to avoid being broken by passing vehicles. Finally, I burned a pile of paper, and then nailed a small red cloth bag on a tree on the slope. He told me that it was straw and the amulet he had drawn. Then he asked me to hold one end of the line, Magnesium Sulphate price ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, and he held the other end. He asked my uncle to buy a few strings of illegally sold firecrackers near the crematorium. Then he told us to wait a little while until there were fewer cars later. Don't arouse suspicion. I asked him what to do if the passing cars went wrong again. He said, "Don't worry, do you think that thing hanging on my tree is fake?"? Then he pointed to the small red cloth bag nailed on the tree. So the three of us squatted on the roadside like shit, smoking and chatting about life, football and women. After 8 pm, it was already dark. Where we stand, we can clearly see the vehicles coming from Binjiang Road, but we can't see the vehicles coming from the Yangtze River Bridge. My uncle was the most direct victim of the whole incident, but he was also the least helpful one, so Master Wen asked him to stand in a higher place, watch the cars coming from the bridge, and shout if there was a car coming. So waiting, until the car is not much, and the interval is relatively long, Master Wen told me to get ready, and then unscrew his flagon, gurgling some white wine, waiting for the head.
When he felt a little drunk, he lit firecrackers and threw them into the depression and on the other side of the road. After a crackle, he shouted, "Stop the line!"! So he and I both recovered along the original path of the original line. The whole process lasted about 2 minutes. Finally, the two lines were closed and a small knot was twisted between the two lines. I couldn't see the ghost, but from Master Wen's eyes, we were tying the broken ghost. And the knot is still shaking irregularly, obviously there is a kind of force in the traction. Master Wen smiled stupidly and said, "Well, I caught it.". Grabbed the end of the thread from my hand, twisted the pile of thread into a ball, and put it in a plastic bag. Master Wen motioned to my uncle that the matter was over, and the rest was to send the ghost away. My uncle asked if he could wait another night, hoping to send the ghost to the Temple of the Son of Heaven early tomorrow morning, and ask the old monk to chant sutras to cross over before sending it away. I know what my uncle means, and I know that this incident has changed his view of me, and I have even won his respect. Master Wen also agreed, but he said he had to take the ghost back tonight, because he thought I might not be able to deal with him. When I scolded the Three Character Classic in my heart, he had already got into my uncle's car and waited for us to send him home. The next morning,potassium sulphate fertilizer, I remember very clearly that it was the first time I saw the rainbow on the river at the top of the mountain. The monks lived in such an open-minded place. No wonder they didn't love the world. In the temple, I learned that Master Wen and the monk had known each other for a long time. After reciting sutras to the road robber, we took him to the river and sent him away quietly. Then burn the thread and scatter the ashes into the Yangtze River.
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