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Reborn Scholar Becomes Cartoonist (12th Dec 22 at 1:15am UTC)
Reborn Scholar Becomes Cartoonist
After that, Su Jin and Lu Ze said hello and left. The next day, the Su family went to Su Jin's house to help tidy up. School will start in two days. Su's father brought some daily necessities to decorate today, while Su Yu came purely to play and visit. Su Jin usually can come back here to rest and draw when there is no class at school, so Su's father prepared something for her to eat. Sister, it's so big and high here, and you can see far away! Su Jin's house is on the 10th floor, Su Wu first time in such a high building, feel very fresh in the window there to see the surrounding scenery. Not bad, isn't it? The view is good. There is a park not far away. It is also close to the university. This is the house your father carefully selected. Su's mother also felt that Su's father had chosen a good house and sighed with emotion. I packed up my things, visited for a while and then went back. The house is a new house, a lot of things are not, tidy up things and plan to go back. The author has something to say: I really can't finish it. Send a part first. Sorry. Chapter 85 the beginning of the university. On the first day of school on September 1, Su Jin took the notice and reported to XX Academy of Fine Arts. Unlike Su Jin's light pack, most of the freshmen are accompanied by their parents to report for duty with big bags and small bags. At this time, the university campus is full of scenes of parents sending freshmen to school, most of which are parents pulling suitcases behind them, accompanied by daily necessities and quilts. Freshmen, under the guidance of their brothers and sisters,rapid sand filters, go through the formalities of payment and dormitory check-in, and familiarize themselves with the campus environment by the way. Freshmen from all over the world are talking with different regional accents. More people came to report for duty, and Su Jin was queuing up at this time. In front of Su Jin was a girl who also came to report accompanied by her parents. Your father and I will go home tonight, and I will call home every week. Eat well at school. If the food expenses are not enough, I will call home, and my mother will transfer it to you. And don't go out at night. It's not safe outside. Be careful not to touch cold water when you are on your period. You must pay attention to your discomfort. Do you hear me? And.. In the process of queuing, the mother told her daughter what she needed to pay attention to over and over again,fine bubble diffuser, full of worries about staying away from her own life, until it was the girl's turn to go through the formalities. After they finished the formalities and left, it was Su Jin's turn. The scene just now evoked the memories of Su Jin's previous life. When Su Jin went to college in her previous life, her father also sent her there. At that time, she and Su's father carried their luggage to Su Jin's university. They took the bus in the evening and arrived at school the next morning according to the instructions on the notice. Su's father is the same, in the hot September, while carrying luggage, while following Su Jin to go through the formalities. The school is too big, and the teaching building and dormitory are far away. When Su Jin finished the formalities in the teaching building and went to the dormitory, they were really sweating. After packing up their things, it was three or four o'clock in the afternoon. Su's father was going to catch the bus after eating in the dining hall of Su Jin University, and he had no time to visit the city. In the evening, Su Jin was separated from Su's father at the school gate, rapid sand filters ,Rotating sludge scraper, and Su's father and Su Jin left alone. Looking at Su Fu walking alone, when his figure disappeared at the end of the street, Su Jin thought of Mr. Zhu Ziqing's "Back" at that time, just felt heavy at that time. Classmate, it's your turn! The senior sister in charge of freshmen registration called Su Jin, who was immersed in memories. Oh, here is my notice and other information! Hearing the voice of the senior sister, Su Jin hurriedly took out the information for the senior sister to check. Notice, ID card.. All right, the documents are complete. You can get the key to the dormitory by filling in your personal information here. I'll see which building your dormitory is in. Su Jin saw her go to check the relevant information of the dormitory and said, "Senior sister, I don't live in school, apply for day school, this is my application information." With that, Su Jin handed over the information. Ah, then you have to fill out another form. While Su Jin was filling out the form, the senior checked Su Jin's information again.
"Su Jin, Su Jin, wait, it's not the Su Jin in the newspaper!" The students of other schools may not know about Su Jin's appearance in the newspaper during the summer vacation, but almost all the students of XX Academy of Fine Arts have seen that report, after all, it is a report about their own school. It was through that report that I learned that one of the freshmen in their school would come to register this year. He was not only a top student with high scores, but also a young and famous cartoonist. The senior sister also wanted to try her luck to see if she could see the new student, but she didn't expect to be met by herself. After seeing Su Jin fill out the information, the senior sister told Su Jin something. This is your student number, which is often used in four years of college. It's better to remember. And you go there to get the military training uniform, here is the map of the campus, as well as your class and curriculum, you keep it! Senior sister introduced the above information to Su Jin in detail. After completing the formalities, Su Jin was preparing to receive the military training uniform when she heard her senior sister ask, "Are you Su Jin in the newspaper?" Senior sister finally could not help but be curious to Su Jin to verify. Yes, I am the Su Jin in the newspaper. People in other schools can hide it. The students in this school almost know her name when they see it. Su Jin doesn't intend to hide it. After saying that, Su Jin left handsomely, leaving the senior sister alone in excitement. See the real senior sister, now want to go back to the dormitory and friends to share this gossip, but looking at the long line behind, had to endure, first do the work at hand. After all the formalities were completed, Su Jin went to get the military training uniform according to the instructions and left. After walking out of the school gate, Su Jin looked back at the parents who carried their luggage and sent their children to school on campus. How did the times change? Human feelings are always continuing, and they just need to move on and bury the past in their hearts. After that,lamella tube, Su Jin went home. After school started, Su Jin planned to paint and rest in the house here when she was free, but she still went home at night.
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