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The ancestor of all demons (12th Dec 22 at 1:15am UTC)
The ancestor of all demons
From the body of God Crow Daojun, suddenly there was a completely different wave and breath, a huge force burst out, instantly filled the whole body. The Taoist robe, which had turned black, turned golden again in a twinkling of an eye, and the magic lines on his face were dissipating at an alarming rate. In a twinkling of an eye, disappear! Chapter 1076 is intended for the tomb of God. The evil spirit that had originally permeated the body E of the God Crow Taoist disappeared at an alarming rate. In a twinkling of an eye, it was replaced by strands of pure evil spirit. The Taoist robe turned golden yellow, and the true fire of the sun came out constantly. Even the temperament on his face changed in an instant. Reveal the breath, completely different. Brush! When he opened his eyes, he saw Emperor Shitian in front of him at a glance. He was surprised and delighted. He said hurriedly, "Demon Emperor, go quickly and leave the tomb quickly. The unintentional Demon Emperor in my body can't help me. I can support him. As long as the nine chains are not broken, even if the unintentional Demon Emperor really occupies my body, I can't escape.". Come on, you have to find the tomb of God. The purpose of the unintentional demon emperor is the tomb of God. After seeing Emperor Shi Tian, God Crow Daojun said without hesitation. What When Emperor Shi Tian saw the change of the breath on the body of the God Crow Dao Jun, he already had a premonition that he had not been completely occupied by the unintentional demon emperor, but he should be in a situation where he was equally divided. Just now it was the unintentional demon emperor who suppressed the God Crow Dao Jun. After saving for a while, he turned the situation over again. However, for his words, but faintly some do not understand. It is said that the purpose of the unintentional demon emperor is the tomb of God. But even if the real target is the tomb of God,Wall Penstocks, then he is now even trapped in the body chalk of God Crow Dao Jun, even if there is a heart, it may not be powerful. But its hurried words, so that the emperor Shitian heart can not help but emerge a thick doubt. Inadvertent Demon Emperor will divide the soul of the art, he is now in my body is only half of the demon soul, the other half, since ancient times, has been hidden in the chaos,MBR reactor, waiting for an opportunity to find the tomb of God, his body was broken, but the dark degree of Chen Cang's art, this demon mind is very deep, he is not a demon body and one, his body is not an ordinary hollow willow, but a mutation in chaos. The birth of Gemini hollow willows. As long as one of them is not destroyed, the other will not be destroyed. When the two are combined, he is the supreme power of the half-step Demon Ancestor. He hid from the land of the Demon God, he hid from the original heaven and earth, he hid from Lao Zu, he wanted to get the tomb of the God secretly, and he was promoted to be the Demon Zu. Override the power of heaven and earth. God crow Daojun hurriedly spit out a paragraph of words. A conspiracy! An astonishing conspiracy! Inadvertent Demon Emperor was not the peak level of Demon Emperor, but the existence of Demon Ancestor who reached half a step. Moreover, in order to be promoted to Demon Ancestor, he even secretly lurked in the chaotic place, disc air diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, intending to secretly look for the tomb of God, fight with Wanjie Lao Zu, and end up with a broken body, in order to cover up his secret behavior. In order to have enough time and even the environment to search for the traces of God's tomb. It means the tomb of God! The depth of calculation and the distance of calculation. It's outrageous. In particular, its forbearance is frightening. Gemini hollow willow? Emperor Shitian gasped in his heart, and his eyes burst out with a compelling light. Just want to ask again, I saw that the breath on the body of God Crow Daojun changed again. On the face, a dark magic lines spread quickly to emerge a trace of evil look. Tut-tut, God Raven Daojun Demon Emperor, even if you know the plan of this emperor now, even if you want to stop it, it's too late. God Tomb is destined to be mine. With my roots and feet, as long as I get God Tomb, I will be the most supreme demon ancestor between heaven and earth. At that time, your demon emperor was just an ant that I could stab to death with one finger. Inadvertent Demon Emperor Tut strange laugh, laughter, can not hear the kind of extremely proud and excited breath. However, after saying this, the magic lines on his face disappeared again.
"Demon Emperor, go quickly, the unintentional Demon Emperor has found the location of the God's Tomb, and is temporarily bound by the Demon Array. The location is in the direction of the Cave Mansion of Lao Zu. You go quickly. Otherwise, once the unintentional Demon Emperor is recognized by the God's Tomb, there will be a terrible strong man in the Demon God Continent.". Here, Ben Daojun can still check and balance him. God Crow Daojun urged him to leave again. Emperor madman, quick, God tomb absolutely can not let the unintentional demon emperor get, if you can seize down, absolutely has endless benefits. Maybe he will have a chance to break through the ancient demon gods and become the master. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. "Ming, suddenly thought of the opportunity.". If this opportunity is taken down, the benefits will be so great that there will be no edge. The great way of heaven and earth, respect my command, but all who are against me will be judged, all who are good to me will be blessed and blessed, and all external evils will be purified and sealed. Emperor Shi Tian looked at the difficult expression of the God Crow Dao Jun, and without even thinking about it, he opened his mouth and said a word. Boom! In the ancient tomb, I immediately saw that countless mysterious forces emerged crazily like the tide, and a stream of pure seal power emerged from the void, turning into a seal rune that quickly penetrated into the body of the God Crow Taoist. At the same time, countless wishes formed the power of blessing to protect the whole body, as if countless gods were guarding him. At the same time, a variety of forces emerged, turned into a seal, and continuously drilled into the body chalk of Daojun. It weaves a big net at an amazing speed to protect Daojun's mind. Please don't worry, the unintentional demon emperor wants to get the tomb of God. With this emperor, I'm afraid it's very difficult. Emperor Shitian nodded to Daojun with a dignified face and said, "Wait for the emperor to solve the problem of the God's tomb, and then help Daojun completely suppress the unintentional demon emperor.". A mere demon, no matter how strong it is,multi disc screw press, can't run wild in front of me. Words, with endless dog domineering. With that, he turned and broke through the air outside the tomb without hesitation. Tomb of God! ,。
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