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I lost my memory before the divorce. (11th Jan 23 at 2:37am UTC)
The first time was in the middle of August, when Wan Tong bought. Murder He hired Lin Guyan, who was unable to repay the high loan, to hit a person with his car, intending to fake an accident. Unfortunately, a billboard fell from the sky, which not only made the driver suffer from it and enter the ICU, but also saved Dong Sang's life. She only suffered a little skin injury and amnesia. Have to say, Wan Tong's plan is very careful, even if not smoothly implemented, also succeeded in deceiving the police, let the police mistakenly think that this is just a family tragedy under the associated accident, until Dong Sang found the forum post, told Xie Yi, Xie Yi told the criminal investigation team, technical personnel after investigation, found that was deleted by Lin Guyan. Only then did I realize that things were not simple. Soon, the criminal investigation team contacted the forum website to obtain the internal data of Lin Guyan's account, and found that he had a private chat with a strange netizen at the beginning of the month, and the content was to buy. Murder Third-party chat software was used in the follow-up conversations. The technicians turned several corners before restoring all the conversations. They learned that the accident was not an accident caused by Lin Guyan's attempt to die,brushed stainless steel sheet, but an attempted murder case deliberately aimed at Dong Sang. At the same time, when investigating the financial fraud case of Lin Guyan's family, the investigation team found that an unknown sum of money had flowed into Lin Guyan's mother's account in his hometown after the accident. After tracing, it was found that it was a bill of lading from Shanqian Branch Trade Factory. However, the factory had closed down as early as the beginning of this year, and there could be no payment transaction. As soon as the two sides summarized the investigation, the result was very obvious. Someone wanted to borrow a knife to kill Dong Sang. As for the specific reasons, it was regrettable that they could not know because the parties lost their memory and Lin Guyan did not know the inside story. But this did not prevent them from informing Xie Yi,304 stainless steel wire, so that his husband, as a special police captain, could pay attention to protecting his wife's safety. Hearing this, Dong Sang asked, "Is that why you never let me go out alone?" Xie also nodded his head. Then why didn't you tell me? She was puzzled to ask, "If you tell me this thing, let me know that someone wants to kill me, I will certainly be vigilant, when I meet Wan Tong will not." It's so easy to believe her. "It's my fault." Xie also looked at her with a guilty look, "I." At that time, I didn't want to tell you the news because I was afraid that you would be worried when you knew it. And I thought I could protect you, but.. I'm too arrogant. I'm sorry, Sang Sang. "Don't say that. You're not sorry for me." Dong Sang smiled at him soothingly, "I'm sorry, Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, it's Wen Ji that bastard.". What's next? How did you find out the truth behind this? Xie also said: "Although we are both policemen, there is the possibility that we have provoked some enemies in our previous work, but you have been doing clerical work in the city Bureau and have not shown up, so from the very beginning, the direction of the investigation is to go my way.". At first, we thought it was the case of the nursery last year, because the date was August 12, but after investigation, we found that the two things had nothing to do with each other. On the contrary, there was a new discovery in Shanqian Branch Trade Factory, which had traded goods with one of Wenji's subordinates before it closed down.. Soon, after a close investigation, Wen Ji revenge for his brother, to kill Dong Sang revenge Xie also surfaced, after learning the news, Xie also immediately went to the criminal investigation detachment, Dong Sang's personal safety applied for accompanying protection. So in the next half a month, as long as Dong Sang went out, there was no Xie to accompany her, there were plainclothes to follow and protect her, and when she stayed at home, there were plainclothes squatting downstairs until Xie came home from work. Dong Sang had heard from Wan Tong that there were plainclothes protecting her in the dark, so he was not surprised when he heard this. He just thought about it carefully and felt that there was something that didn't make sense. He asked Xie Yi doubtfully: "According to what you said, the day I went out with shortbread, there should be plainclothes following me in the dark.".
So they should know that I met Wan Tong on my way home, right? "I know." Xie also said, "But Wan Tong has never been in the sight of the police before. She is very trusted by Wen Ji. She should have been with Wen Ji for a long time. But the police have been tracking Wen Ji for so many years, but they have never found her existence. It was not until this time that she personally went to battle that she found the existence of such a number one person.". So although the person who followed you at the beginning saw the whole process of your conversation with Wan Tong, he only regarded her as an ordinary passer-by, so he didn't take her to heart and didn't report it. Dong Sang listens to his last sentence to say unusually, seem to have some other meaning in inside, was stupefied: "If they reported." What will happen? "Then I'll know she's lying." Xie also answered, "Because just the day before, I met the owner of the fifth floor in the underground garage. He was preparing to take his family to travel abroad. It was impossible to resell the house in a short night." The author has something to say: The next watch is at noon. Chapter 105 Dong Sang stared at Xie Yi, chewing the meaning of his words. After a while, she lowered her eyes and said softly, "It's all in the past, and it's no use talking about it now." And if I can have enough vigilance, even if the fifth floor downstairs is really for sale, I will not believe Wan Tong's words so easily. In the final analysis, I'm not smart enough to be wary of strangers. "No, it's my fault. I didn't protect you." Xie also spoke in a low voice, which implied self-reproach and pain, and held her hand somewhat unconsciously tightened, "If I hadn't been self-willed and arrogant, thinking that I could be foolproof and keep you in the dark,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, I wouldn't have caused such a situation today.." It was already me who got you into trouble, but I chose to hide it from you. You will be kidnapped by them, all because of my fault. Dong Sang looked at him and for a moment did not know how to speak.
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