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Big brother always flirts with me. (11th Jan 23 at 2:43am UTC)
When he stopped to rest after walking for a while, he clenched his fist and suddenly punched the two tall stones beside the road. "Bang!" The stones crashed, and the splashing stones smashed the surrounding ground into small pits, and the dust filled the sky! Yan Luo withdrew his hand, which was still trembling faintly, and looked at the joints of his fist, which were faintly blue, but not even broken. Although his previous fighting capacity is far superior to that of ordinary people, it is far from that! The speed and extent of his evolution is more violent than he thought. He turned his head and saw the snake demon eating the fruit in boredom, and his tense face gradually softened. There's nothing wrong with that. The next day, he began to explore the island systematically. He planned to follow the route he had come, first to walk through the places he had avoided for various reasons, and then to explore the unknown areas on the edge. He had planned to set out in the early morning according to the habit of doing tasks before, but Yin Chen, a lazy man who had no work and rest at all, was paralyzed where he closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. He couldn't be coaxed. He wanted to set out alone first, but she dragged him to death again. Seeing that it would be noon, Yan Luo had no choice but to hold her in his arms as he did yesterday. There's no end to this hug. An insatiable little thing. He nibbled her tender little ear lightly, and his low voice was sexy and seductive. "It's just for you." Yin Chen hums twice, act like a spoiled child to rub against him,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, love how to say how to say, anyway is not down to walk. On the third day, he came to the nest of the ghost-faced spider. This is a forest of tall trees, each giant tree has several giant spiders lying three meters in diameter, all black belly but printed with strange red stripes. They blend with the dense branches and leaves, and even the silk threads they send out are colorless, which can not be seen at all in the dense forest of vegetation. Only at the moment when someone touches them unintentionally,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, they will stick to people firmly, and they will not be able to break free unless they tear their flesh, while the people who struggle in a hurry will only get tighter and tighter, screaming and being wrapped into white cocoons and dragged into the trees. At that time, the expedition team suffered heavy losses in the face of this monster. Bullets were flying all over the sky, but they were of little use. Finally, Yan Luo ventured to climb up the tree along the silk thread and burned it. The bullet was stuffed into the belly of two ghost-faced spiders and fired away. The ghost-faced spider exploded and died, and the silk thread became less sticky, so he cut the cocoon with a knife and saved the man. Yan Luo touched the eyebrow bone, and he remembered that half of his right face from the eyebrow bone down had been cut long and bloody, but now there was no scar left. The fate of life is so wonderful. He marked a mark on the map he had outlined, indicating that he could make a trap to attract people. He looked at the group of ghost-faced spiders that had gathered alertly because of their arrival, and patted Yin Chen's tail: "Go, next." Yin Chen did not move, Ozone generator ceramic plate ,Ceramic Bobbin, but pulled his sleeve and pointed to the side. Yan Luo looked down and saw a young deer entangled in spider silk. In order to resist the powerful predators, the adult deer here have huge horns like bone spurs, but this young deer is still too small, the bone spurs on its head have just emerged small and sharp, and it is unable to break through the amazing sticky spider silk, which has been wrapped around its neck, and its big clear eyes are full of panic and despair, making a cry of deer. Yan Luo looked at Yin Chen and rubbed her head. "Come down, I'll save it." This time Yin Chen Ma slipped down and sat on one side. Yama pulled out a long dagger and walked leisurely to the young deer. When he passed a big tree, a huge spider suddenly hung from the top of his head. As soon as Yin Chen stood up, he saw that Yama had stabbed the spider with a neat dagger. He simply cut off the spider's head. The spider's body fell to the ground and twitched. Yama stepped on it, and the spider died in an instant. Yin Chen looked at the spider corpse, and then looked at Yan Luo who continued to walk forward calmly, startled! "He.." She couldn't believe it: "How did he change so much?" "I think you really remember to eat and drink foolishly every day, but you just found out." Rule Lazy: "Yama has a strong aptitude and drinks your blood. If it were not for the limitation of human genes, he might have been more powerful than you." Yin Chen quietly swallowed saliva.
Day oh, your uncle or your uncle, into a spicy chicken human monarch punishment is still so cattle, can not help but let Yin Chen feel regret and guilty about his unbridled behavior of squeezing him these days. No, she has to keep a low profile from today on, in case it gets cold! Yin Chen just thought so, over there Yan Luo has already cut the spider silk, releases the weak young deer. The young deer was so frightened that as soon as he broke away from the spider silk, his limbs were soft and he knelt down directly, shivering all over. Yan Luo patted his legs, held his antlers and pulled him up slowly. The young deer followed him like a life-saving straw, trembling out of the encirclement of the ghost-faced spider. Then he saw Yin Chen, who was sitting over there with a smile and swinging his tail. Thump- "" This kneeling, solid, Yin Chen listened to all pain. Yan Luo looked at Yin Chen with a half-smile. Yin Chen puffed out his cheeks, the snake's tail came over, propped up its stomach from below in the frightened whine of the young deer, and then propped it up. Then the tip of the tail poked its leg. The young deer trembled and stood up straight. Yama: "Even a young deer can't live outside. Let's see if the deer are around." He led Yin Chen to walk out, a life-saving and a deadly walk together, the young deer hesitated to look at them for a while, in the end to overcome the fear, closely followed up. Fortunately, the deer did wander around, and the call of the deer could be heard in the distance. The young deer shook its ears and ran there subconsciously, but stopped and looked at them with its head tilted. Yin Chen raised his tail, and the young deer was startled, looked at them again, and then ran back to the group. Yan Luo: "Let's go, too." Yin Chen tilted his head to look at him, decisively stretched out his hand,ceramic welding tape, and left behind the words that he had just wanted to "keep a low profile.". Yan Luo sighed, picked her up skillfully, and lifted her tail up: "Don't hang it on your legs. You can't open your legs." 。
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