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Substitute Marriage Is Risky, Be Cautious for the (8th Feb 23 at 1:46am UTC)
"You are generous!"! What about me? I'm leaving in less than a month, and suddenly I owe you a piece of meat. What should I do? Poof! Fang Yi suddenly inserted a sharp knife into his heart, and all of a sudden, it was bloody. The temperature that speaks drops suddenly: "After all, you still disrelish walk not clean." This is a fit of pique, but now the two men are tit for tat, both with the momentum of killing each other. Ango bit his back teeth and said bitterly, "So what?"? I've always wanted to leave. Did you know that today? Why do you think I came to the barracks! Do you really think you're a fairy and everyone wants to be around you? Fang Yi was so angry that his heart was blocked and he clenched his fist subconsciously, but because he exerted too much force, the wound on his arm burst open, and blood burst out in an instant, soaked through the gauze, and trickled down his arm. You'd better shut up right now! Who do you think you are? Tell me to shut up and I'll shut up? I tell you, what I hate most in my life is people like you who think they are superior! What makes you think I need your help? Why do you think I owe you this favor? "So you're looking forward to leaving soon, aren't you?" "Yes!"! That's right Ango stared with red eyes. "If I hadn't waited for that broken book, I would have run away!" As if his heart had been gouged out, Fang Yi breathed heavily and his chest rose and fell sharply. "Then you can go. If I stop you, I will write Fang Yi's name upside down!" The author has something to say: We had a quarrel. It's on the new list this week! Take advantage of the time in the list for a wave of advance receipts: "Ghost Hunters also want to fall in love" (I want to compare with my friends tomorrow! Bet on a konjac cool,metal racking systems, so must win! Click on the author's column to see ~ ~ ~ Chapter 82 a line of life and death (1). After a big quarrel with Fang Yi, Ange fell into a cold war without borders. With the endless cold wind, the cold adds to the cold, and it hurts people's muscles and bones. Time has passed quietly, and has been shuttling for half a month unconsciously. The next city to be attacked by Rong Jun was named "Sanshan City", which was named because it was surrounded by mountains. Sanshan is a dangerous city not far from Hongsai. The terrain is high and steep, with many cliffs. Except for a mountain road dug a few years ago,automated warehouse systems, there is only a narrow plank road on the cliff ruins. It is precisely because of its steep terrain, so it is with the red race to form an angle, together to form the first line of defense of the barbarian territory. After capturing the three mountains, the barbarian territory was like a broken egg, vulnerable to a single blow. Rong Guo understood this truth, and the barbarian territory naturally understood it, so the sentry came to report that Maya had sent a hundred thousand chosen men to the three mountains to defend the city to the death-this city is not easy to fight. The terrain of the three mountains is not easy to March, and even the elite troops will take more than half a day to get there from the Red Race. Sullenmann, who was familiar with the terrain of the barbarian frontier, was also in the general's camp at this time, giving advice together. Feng Ruoshu calculated the time and suggested, "The mountain path is narrow, metal racking systems ,push back racking system, and a hundred thousand troops will have to walk for a day and a night." "There is one more question." Sullenmann put his hand on the map and landed on the mountain range east of the three mountains. "It has been snowing heavily for days, and there is more than ten feet of snow on the high mountains and cliffs. If the speed of marching is too fast, the horse's hooves and the sea of people will easily cause avalanches." The slanting white light projected from the window will be sprinkled on the winding curve of the map, adding a little luster to the material of the parchment. Between the strands of light beams, the sharp eyes of the lines are faintly exposed, like sharp swords, showing the certainty of restraint and sharpness. That is to say, you have to walk slowly and March in sections. Fang Yi stood upright in front of the map with his hands on his back. Feng Ruoshu nodded and said, "This is the best way at present.". But The advance military forces Going deep into the enemy's hinterland alone is easy to change. Fang Yi turned around, lowered his eyes, and looked at the flags of the nine-route army in the sand table. This sand table was built by Huobang himself. Inch by inch, the map was sealed like a painting and calligraphy. The red mud was kneaded into the shape of a mountain range. Then it was roasted by fire and placed in a long plate filled with fine sand. It was durable and intuitive. General, do you have an idea? Hoban's eyes were almost glued to his body.
Fang Yi seemed to have decided something. He picked up a model of a flag and pushed it forward two fists. He stopped when he was still one finger away from the model of Sanshan City. He fixed a little and said, "Tomorrow, I will set out with the Ninth Route Army to spy on the enemy.". The remaining eight troops, will be handed over to the command of Huobang, set out a military forces every day. In this way, within ten days, we will be able to join forces in Sanshan City. "General first?" Huobang panic, "but the three mountain city situation is unknown, the end will be the vanguard, marching and fighting should be the end will go first!" Fang Yi looked at him with displeasure and said coldly, "I'm a general. I should take the lead." Declarative sentences are not to be refused. Surrounded by a sudden drop in temperature, better than three feet of cold. Huobang and Feng Ruoshu nodded one after another. "Yes." In a hurry, Fang Yi plans to go back to the camp to say goodbye to Ange. When he stepped through the door, Ango was talking and laughing with the orderly, but when he heard his footsteps in the room, the happy man suddenly changed his face and his good mood disappeared. Big, the general came back.. "The orderly looked left and right, only to feel that the two men could kill him without speaking," then, the little one retreated first- " As soon as he got up, his shoulder was pressed back by Ango. "-What's the retreat?"? Everyone has two eyes and one mouth. What are you afraid of? The air stagnates to the freezing point, and the thin airflow oppresses the heart, making people afraid to breathe. Zap.. Zap ...... Zap ...... Fang Yi walked slowly up to the two of them and said coldly, "Go out." As if granted amnesty, the orderly stood up and said, "Yes!" Ange could not see, but he also knew that Fang Yi now had the same face as wood, so he stood up and said, "OK,pallet rack shelving, I'll go too." Fang Yi pulled back his arm, and the two of them stood on the wrong side. "Don't go." "Why?" Ango shook off his hand. "You said it yourself. I'll go if I want to. You won't stop me." The feeling of emptiness in his hands was very bad. Fang Yi clenched his fist in a strange way and said, "You can't see now. It's not too late to go after the cold needle comes." 。
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