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Wu. Move . *** . Kun (8th Feb 23 at 1:51am UTC)
"Come here!" Lin Dong waved hurriedly, and the bright light suddenly swept in, and finally appeared in his hands very obediently. Lin began to grasp the ancient halberd, stamped heavily on the ground, the light slowly weakened, the line of sight, his eyes, suddenly appeared a touch of amazing color. Today's sky scale ancient halberd, compared to refining before, to appear more slender, halberd body above the fine scales, is also become a kind of thick dark gold color, but, the most let Lin move pupil tightening, is that the scale structure, unexpectedly faintly formed a dragon-shaped scales, looks very magical. At the tip of the halberd, two circles of sharp radian extend from left to right, and the cold awn surges, ferocious and bloodthirsty, like the huge mouth of the dragon, which can swallow heaven and earth, with amazing momentum. OK Holding the day scale ancient halberd, Lin move fondle admiringly, eyes have the color of ecstasy surge, today's day scale ancient halberd, compared to before, do not know how much strong,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, according to the expectation of Lin move, even compared to the big Luo Jin gun of Wang Yan, day scale ancient Halberd is not to let! "What a good treasure!" While Lin was fondly playing with the ancient halberd in his hand, the closed door of the hall was suddenly pushed open, and a figure walked in, with fiery eyes, staring at the ancient halberd in Lin's hand, with a strong surge of greed in his eyes. The man who suddenly broke in made Lin Dong and Master Cheng's complexion change, and their eyes sank. Hua Zong! Looking at the man who broke in, Lin's eyes sank slightly,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and this guy turned out to be the Huazong of the Yin Puppet Sect! ~! Chapter 247 External Branches Looking at the sudden arrival of Huazong, Lin's eyes sank slightly, but before he could speak, Master Cheng shouted angrily, "Huazong, do you still understand the rules? This is my Wanbao Building, not your Yin Puppet Sect!" Hearing Master Cheng's angry shout, Huazong also smiled. He immediately arched his hand to Master Cheng without sincerity and said with a smile, "Oh, I'm sorry. I can't help feeling that there are too many fluctuations in it. I can't help being curious, so I bothered you. I hope Master Cheng won't take it amiss." For his perfunctory words, Master Cheng still had a lot of anger in his eyes. His voice was cold: "Please go out. If you break the rules of Wanbaolou again in the future, even if your father is the elder of Yin Puppet Sect, Wanbaolou will blacklist you." It could be seen that Master Cheng was very angry about Huazong's actions. If it weren't for the latter's special identity, I'm afraid he would have been thrown out with a slap, but Rao was so, and his face was not much better at the moment. Master Cheng's attitude, that Huazong is indifferent to the smile, extremely hot eyes in the hands of Lin moving the ancient halberd swept, 304 Stainless Steel Wire ,stainless steel welded pipe, deep in the eyes, there is a surge of greed, and then he again to two people a fist, slowly retreated out. Bang! Seeing Huazong receding, Master Cheng waved his clothes and closed the door heavily. Looking at the closed door, Lin's eyes flickered slightly, he did not expect that Huazong dared to break into such a place without authorization, from the latter's greedy eyes, he knew that today's things, I am afraid it will be a bit of trouble. "Your ancient halberd has been successfully refined, and the business has been completed." Cheng Shi turned his eyes to Lin Dong and said lightly. By the way, let me remind you to leave the big puppet city as soon as possible. Lin Dong nodded slightly, thanked Master Cheng solemnly, and then backhanded the ancient halberd in his hand into the dry Kun bag, without saying much, turned around and pushed the door out. Generally speaking, this kind of refining treasure, Wanbaolou should strictly prohibit outsiders from breaking in, so as not to attract people's envy, but this time, it was forced to rush in by Huazong, speaking of it, Wanbaolou should pay a little responsibility. Of course, if the person who broke in was an ordinary person, perhaps Wanbao Lou would really make a pretence to publicize it, but this Huazong was not among them. This person was not only the protector of Yin Puppet Sect, but also his father, the elder of Yin Puppet Sect. He had great power. Even Wanbao Lou could not afford to offend him. So in the end, he had to rely on Lin to solve the problem by himself.
Looking at the back of Lin moving out, Master Cheng also sighed lightly, for Huazong's action, he was also very angry, but also helpless, after all, the other side's background is too strong. Lin Dong's face was calm, and he walked directly out of the hall and along the corridor. Then, when he reached the end of the corridor, he was not surprised to see several figures standing there. One of them was Hua Zong. When Lin Dong saw Hua Zong, the latter's feminine face also showed a smile. Then he led two of his men to walk over quickly and said with a smile, "This friend, as the saying goes, if you don't fight, you don't know each other. There was a little fight in the auction, but it was also pleasant. I'm Hua Zong, the protector of the Yin Puppet Sect in the Great Puppet City. I don't know your surname?" "Lin Dong." Lin Dong glanced at the guy with a smiling face and a flat voice. Although he had taken off his bamboo hat now, it was obvious that Huazong still relied on some methods to recognize him. Ha ha, so it's brother Lin Dong. Hua Zong smiled, and immediately his eyes slowly gathered around Lin. He said with a smile, "That Yunshen futon should have some good effects. But since the Lin Dong brothers are interested, I naturally won't take away what people like. Previously, I accidentally saw that the Lin Dong brothers had successfully refined a very good weapon. Ha ha, I just lack a handy weapon now." If Lin Dong brothers are willing to give up what they love, I will give you a very satisfactory price! Regarding his words, Lin moves the look in the eyes still not to have any fluctuation, is obviously early expected that he will say so, at the moment light way: "does not sell." "Boy, it's your good fortune for my young master to see your things, but don't be unappreciative!" Seeing Lin Dong's answer, a middle-aged man with a cloudy face beside Huazong immediately sneered. Hey, Hua San, speak politely. Brother Lin Dong is just thinking about it. On one side,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Hua Zong smiled even more on his feminine face and scolded the middle-aged man. Yes? Brother Lin Dong? When the words fell, he looked at Lin Dong again, and the smile on his face made people feel like a blade.
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