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City Spirit Doctor King (8th Feb 23 at 1:59am UTC)
Xiao Fengling noticed the footwork of the man in black, the seemingly chaotic pace is actually very mysterious, deep in the generation of Yin and Yang, with a special force of the wind, so that their hundreds of attacks all failed. Encounter such a strong enemy, Xiao Fengling can not help fighting spirit, the strength of the body once again surging up, tightly staring at the eyes of the calm man in black. As a matter of fact, the man in black was not as calm as he had imagined, and he was also worried in the dark: it was unexpected that this man's strength had reached such a point. Originally, with his defensive skills alone, his "romantic formula" had been able to rank in the top five of the door, but his opponent's nearly perfect defensive skills had even surpassed his own! And that terrible instant high-speed attack, even the "romantic" can not be completely defended, if not for their own regular fourth brother to recruit, accustomed to this high-speed, I am afraid to eat a big loss. Even so, Rao still got a punch from him. On the surface,ceramic bobbin element, he was slipped away by his own body armor, but he was still hurt by the strength, and there was a dull pain under his ribs. It was not until he tried his best to use the "drunken wind step" to press the bottom box that he avoided the lightning-like intensive attack. Speaking of it, he still lost a move. Xiao Fengling did not lose heart, he felt that in this battle, he usually in the practice of a lot of hard thinking and can not understand the place suddenly, fighting. It is indeed the best way to practice. ! Although the "Flash" combat skills failed,alumina c799, he found its shortcomings. Xiao Fengling has absolute confidence that he can accumulate experience while continuing to fight, and further improve the "Flash" skills. Lightning attack, is still continuing, does not give the man in black a chance to breathe, Xiao Fengling deliberately did not summon the sea armguard to increase the power, purely with their own strength constantly issued a "flash" in order to improve and perfect in practice. The man in black is really good. The great and clumsy pace has never stopped, so many high-speed attacks have not hit him once. Gradually. The man in black found something wrong, although the attack speed of the other side did not change much. The angle and technique of the shot are more bizarre, so that he can not successfully sense the full trajectory of the attack with the power of the wind, and it is more and more difficult to dodge-it is a terrible opponent to be able to make continuous progress in the battle at the same time! The man in black was so experienced that he knew he couldn't get stronger and stronger in Vietnam, so he shouted loudly at the end of a round of attacks. The compressed spiritual power suddenly rose, and finally the strongest combat skills were used. Xiao Fengling is fighting heartily, suddenly feel a huge pressure from the other side, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, can not help but secretly alert. The man in black flew up in the air and opened and closed his hand in the air. Xiao Fengling saw it from Xuanling's eyes. A stream of air around him is gathering in the air with his movements. The man in black has only one hand. A strong air current flew towards Xiao Fengling, and his intuition told Xiao Fengling. This airflow must not be forced to connect, quickly avoid. The force of the air current was more powerful than he had imagined. The remaining momentum swept over his body, and the terrible wind made him stagger and stand unsteadily. The trees swept by the wind were uprooted as if they had been attacked by a tornado. For a moment, leaves and sand were flying all over the sky. Xiao Fengling was frightened by such a strong force, and suddenly there was a warning sign behind him. It was too late to dodge in a hurry, so he had to carry the shield of spiritual power and planned to take it by force. Xiao Fengling was wrapped up by a huge whirling force. Xiao Fengling felt as if he had fallen into a turbulent whirlpool. The spiritual shield was compressed by the strong wind pressure and was about to approach the skin. Finally, he could not resist it and collapsed. Xiao Fengling's body suddenly lost control and was rolled up high in the air. Finally, he fell down dizzy and could not stand steadily even if he tried his best. He sat down on the ground. Xiao Fengling struggled to stand up, his body was covered with tiny blood stains like a knife, and he felt pain everywhere. Seeing that the man in black had returned to the ground, the tall trees within ten meters of him no longer existed, because there was an air current several times stronger than when he had just attacked him, like a flying dragon, which was hovering above with his hands dancing like clouds and flowing water.
In the eyes of Xiao Fengling's Xuanling, there are countless irregular forces mixed together inside the airflow, and it is the powerful force generated by the conflict of these forces that makes his spiritual shield completely collapse, and his spiritual power is also broken, leaving several scars on his body. Look at that! Wind, dragon and sky dance! The man in black pointed to Xiao Fengling, and the strong airflow, like a ferocious dragon, rushed towards him with teeth and claws. After the injury just now, Xiao Fengling already understood that this is not entirely the strength of the man in black, but to trigger a huge natural attack with his own strength, which is no longer human resistance, but under the strong wind, even escape is a problem, so Ming Ming can face it. Therefore, he restrained his mind and used the same method that he understood from the force of nature to greet each other- "Dream Moon Guide". The power of "wind" against the power of "water", who wins and who loses? In the villa, Wu Xing listened to the news that his subordinates reported that the "Heavenly Book" had finally been snatched away by a group of people, and smiled. While Huang Yuer, Wu Tao and Tang Shaoren were happily discussing their "acting skills" at that time. Princess Jifu occasionally participated in a few words of advice, and spent most of the time resting in a closed day. Mingyou Situ Xueqin showed a worried look, because Xiao Fengling had not come back yet. Wu Xing frowned and said, "Why hasn't the Master come back yet?"? By rights, I should have arrived early. Did something happen? As soon as he said this, even Xuanyuan Fu became nervous. Wu Xing thought about it and then said, "Master should not have been hurt. After he threw the book into the crowd, he successfully fled the scene. Now he should be on his way back. Maybe he found someone following him.". So you're going around in circles on purpose. What's more, Master's strength has reached a period of silence. Nothing should happen. Don't worry. Despite what he said,ceramic bobbin heater core, the worry on the face of Situ Xueqin, who was concerned about his lover, did not ease down.
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