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Dressed as a tyrant, the little runaway wife (Bufa (10th Jan 23 at 1:20am UTC)
The smile on Qiu Li's face faded: "Nuonuo, I have been preparing since June.". Four months, what do you think? Nono wants to cry without tears, doesn't he? June, isn't that the time when Qiu Li forced her to get the license? Nuonuo's face was a little ugly, but when she saw Qiu Li's cold eyes, she suddenly became excited. Qiu Li is not stupid, he has not exposed her drama, to prove that he enjoys it, but when the man found uncontrollable factors, he will be tough. Just like the first night he killed her, and now he is reluctant to kill her, so he is eager to hold a wedding. No, in other words, he was desperate to trap her. Nuonuo is now like this, and there is no difference with the reality of their own. She thought that it would take a great deal of courage to use what she looked like now, and if this was really her body, she would not be slept by Chou Li. Chou Li got up and walked toward her. Fingers stroked her cheek. "Were you lying to me before?" His tone was low and even slightly ironic. Do you still want to leave me and never want to be with me? Nuo is jumpy, and once Qiu Li makes everything clear,smart board interactive whiteboard, he will return to the original hegemonic mode in which he dominates everything. Nuo Nuo's heart crossed, put his hand on his chest, and pushed him to sit on the sofa. Qiu Li Wei Zheng, but did not refuse. The man sat on the sofa, and Nuonuo was afraid that he would still be clinging to the wedding and cheating. He simply straddled his legs with his legs apart. Chou Li froze. Nono's heart was beating fast and her cheeks were burning red. But Qiu Li was obviously not as dangerous and aggressive as before, and Nuonuo knew it would work. This man is still the bad guy who is interested in sex. She sat on top of him, a little higher than him. Nuonuo held his face gently,smart boards for conference rooms, and she felt the enemy breathing quickly, and a certain position on his body changed. Nuonuo's lips were very close to him, and she was going to kiss them, but the place poked her. Nuo Nuo's ears were burning red, and finally he staggered his lips. No way, now Nuonuo began to suspect that this slowly became her own body, she thought that if she wanted to use this body to kiss him, she would be very upset. Chou Li's hand held her waist, and when he saw her motionless, he pressed her down with a hard look in his eyes. Her face was printed in his eyes, a beautiful and innocent little face, and Nuonuo saw himself in his eyes. She also felt that hatred and tolerance had reached the limit. He had said earlier that when she arrived at the university. Chou Li is not a gentleman. He doesn't care whether he does it before or after marriage. Qiu Li was not stupid. He saw the hesitation and rejection in Nuonuo's eyes. Why? Why does she still not accept him after he put up with it. Nono covered his lips with quick eyes and quick hands. She regrets it, okay! "Chou Li!" When Nuonuo saw his face in danger, she said in a soft voice, 4k smart board ,digital interactive whiteboard, "Let's hold the wedding." He narrowed his eyes. "Whenever you say," said Nuonuo hurriedly. She winked. "I want to marry you, really." He touched her cheek with his finger and said for a long time, "Well, today I will send an invitation to hold a wedding on National Day." Depressed, Nuonuo smiled and said, "Good." She slanted her head to look at him. "But what about the wedding dress?" "You want to try?" Nuonuo originally wanted to say that if the wedding dress was not ready, it would wait, but listening to the tone of the enemy, he was ready for everything. Nuonuo thought that he knew the size of the wedding dress, and his face was almost tense. She put up with it and put her arms around his neck. "No, I'll show you at the wedding, OK?" ~ When Nuonuo returned to school next week, his whole face was not very good. Ding Simeng is still happy and heartless. Nuonuo was so anxious that if she really got married, even if she had her period that day, Qiu Li wouldn't mind fighting a bloody battle. Ding Simeng stared at Nuonuo's face: "I don't know if it's my illusion. Nuonuo, you are becoming more beautiful every day." Even Ding Simeng found out that Nuonuo's cheek was buried in his arm: "Your illusion." Nuonuo called Jiang Ying twice. Jiang Ying said, "I found a few before, but some people said it was a magic stick and unreliable.". There is a great master called Shen Zui, but he has a strange temper and his contact information often changes. I haven't found anyone. Don't worry. Nuonuo had no choice but to pray that the master named Shen Zui would be reliable and let her go home as soon as possible.
By this time Chou Li's invitation had already been sent out. Everyone has a different expression when they receive this gilded luxury invitation. After a brief surprise, Zhang Qingduo asked Qiu Li happily, "Brother Li, let's hold a bachelor party for you to celebrate your wedding." No, it's the palace, cheering for the last few nights of being single, and the single dog looks at you silently. Chou Li laughed and scolded because he was in a good mood. "Get out." But did not refuse their good intentions, after all, many years of friendship. Although his feelings are indifferent, he is not cold-blooded. Zhang Qingduo happily prepared to go. Bai Ye's invitation card is on the tea table. When Jiang Xinyue came in and saw it, his pupils shrank. Bai Ye in the end is not Zhang Qingduo, EQ is very high, talking and laughing will put away the invitation. Jiang Xinyue clenched his fist, but finally relaxed. She seldom saw Qiu Li since she returned to China. That man was too cold and arrogant. Jiang Xinyue couldn't find a chance, but Bai Ye and Zhang Qingduo were different. Zhang Qingduo is so stupid that she disdains him. But Bai Ye is easy to use. When Bai Ye was in high school, he also had a good impression on Jiang Xinyue. So when she cried on Bai Ye's shoulder about how miserable she had been in the United States these years, Bai Ye frowned and finally put his arms around her shoulder. Finally, they kissed each other passionately. Jiang Xinyue is not a girl without human affairs, she also has some emotions. But she knew that she could not sleep with Bai Ye, after all, Bai Ye was Chou Li's brother, and if she slept with him, she would be a time bomb with Chou Li in the future. And can not get is the best, as long as Bai Ye did not get her,75 smart board, will always miss. Jiang Xinyue finally pushed him away, wiped away the tears, said sorry and left Bai Ye's home in a hurry. On the night of Zhang Qingduo's bachelor party.
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