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Special for President Wen Xuan (10th Jan 23 at 1:23am UTC)
She wants to be his wife, too! But …… How did they get past the old lady Li? What's more, How can she get rid of her inferiority complex? I just don't understand why you doubt my love for you. It's been in his heart for five years. I I have never doubted your love for me. Shaking her lips, she choked up and said. In that case, why did you leave me? Why turn your back on this relationship? ?” He thought that one day when he faced Yu Han again, he would hate her and retaliate against her, so that Yu Han could feel the pain he had suffered in the past five years. But he can't, really can't. Because he is still deeply in love with Yu Han! "I, I have not abandoned.." Whether it's you or this relationship. "My heart has been broken for five years." His voice had a deep, deep sadness. Heartbreak these two words, deep impact into her heart, Yu Han felt that his heart, which had been repaired with great difficulty, was broken again. You were on a business trip. Think about it, she really owes Xuan Ang an explanation, now have the opportunity to explain this misunderstanding,Interactive digital signage, at least from now on she can have nothing to worry about. Nope! She knows very well It is impossible for me to forget Xuan Ang all my life. It's just that after explaining clearly this time, we should all feel better about each other! "Your mother came to me, and she, she wanted me to leave you." How is that possible? I saw with my own eyes how good she is to you. 。” He thought about the scene in the restaurant and how active his mother was in providing the preparation for marriage. Yeah! I thought I was the happiest woman in the world. …… There is a man who loves me, a mother-in-law who loves me. Thinking of Mrs. Li pushing and pulling her with her bodyguards at that time, and finally abandoning her in the wilderness regardless of her life and death,digital whiteboard price, Yu Han's tears could not help flowing down. She calmed herself down and then added, "After making sure that everything was not a joke and that your mother really wanted me to leave you, I was too scared to know what to do." "I don't believe my mother would do that." His tone was so flat that he could not hear joy or anger. I don't believe she would do that. She agreed with what he said, and she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't been killed by her own experience. She said I wasn't good enough for you, and she ordered her bodyguards to take me away and leave me on the side of a completely strange path. Until I was rescued by an old scavenger and sent to the hospital, until I came back from the gate of death, I finally had to believe that your mother really didn't like me, and I finally realized that I really didn't deserve you. We'll never be together. Although she said lightly, but in fact Yu Han's heart is very painful, very painful! "You, you talk nonsense!" The tone of the original calm, finally began to appear excited. She did not understand whether Xuan Ang's "nonsense" referred to his mother's desire for her to leave, digital signage kiosk ,touch screen kiosk, or whether she said she was not worthy of him? "I don't believe my mother would do that to you!" He restated his side of the story, suppressing a surge of emotion. When I come back from a business trip and can't see you, I look for you crazily! And my mother didn't say a word. , accompanied me to look for you everywhere, when I couldn't help crying in disappointment, she also cried with me, finally in order not to let her sad with me, I pretended to give up looking for you, but she told me that she liked you, so whether I want to give up or not, she must find you.. Yu Han was stunned! Because she couldn't even dream of such a result! Especially what Mrs. Li has done. …… She felt that she was unable to defend herself and was powerless. She had to admit that, compared with some obvious opposition, and then made the family a mess, the old lady Li responded to all changes with no change, even actively participated, and even said that she liked her, it was impossible to doubt that she was the mastermind who planned their separation. I'm telling the truth. Yu Han's voice was tired and hard to hide. Yeah! Even though she's telling the truth. But compared with what his mother had done, it was obviously much weaker.
"Yu Han, why haven't you come to me for so many years?" Because.. I hate you This is the truth, because in her most suffering time, but can not wait for his rescue! However This hatred did not take root in her heart, midnight dream back, especially in the face of their true feelings, Yu Han found that her favorite or Xuan Ang. Even after five years of separation, she still couldn't forget her love for him. I should have said that! "His heart began to grow cold and his tone began to harden." I really don't understand why you slander my mother like this. You should know that I lost my father very early. It was my mother who brought me up with all kinds of hardships. During my study, she supported the whole Liyang Group alone until I had the ability to take over.. She has never interfered with any of my decisions, including my marrying you, do you understand? Of course, she knew that in front of Xuan Ang, the old lady's love for her was beyond doubt, and if she hadn't experienced it herself, she would never have believed that an old man who showed her such love was so terrible behind her back! However, the old lady is right, she is really not worthy of Xuan Ang, so she always dare not go to Xuan Ang. It seems that she shouldn't stay any longer. She took a slow step. Although it was not easy for them to meet, they were really reluctant to part with each other. Perhaps there was a glimmer of hope in her subconscious that one day they could still be together! But now …… Only then did she realize that she had already lost five years ago! Lost in the illusion that his mother deliberately created. 。“ "Where are you going?" He asked, recognizing her footsteps. " To do what I have to do. She said calmly. She was afraid to want to leave the mind by him to see thoroughly,outdoor digital signage displays, after all, although the eyes can not see, but the sense of shock is more sensitive. She didn't want to put Xuan Ang on the spot between her and his mother.
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