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Yue Fan-Jing Long Xi Zhu (10th Jan 23 at 1:24am UTC)
"TOEFL, please." "Please!" They went into the hall and sat down in order. Soon they were drinking tea and talking happily. Before long, Shen San and his wife had accompanied them into the side hall for dinner. After the meal, Du Ning was arranged to rest in the guest room. Shen San accompanied Ah Chin-tsai into the study alone, saying, "Qinger only mentioned in her letter that you had something important to do in the palace, and hoped that I would see you first. What happened?" "Please look at them first." He took out the paper from the official Meng Guoguan. Shen Sanguo is really shocked! He read the Mongolian order carefully and then said, "Where did this come from?" A Jin Zai told the details. Shen San's expression changed when he heard this! As soon as Ah Chin-tsai finished, he said, "Nan Dao found out that I had been in and out of Fei Fu for the second time and questioned him about the inside story. I told him the truth, and he wanted to discuss countermeasures with his father." Shen San nodded and said, "This matter has endangered the whole world. Everyone is responsible for it." "Father wants to see him?" "Yes, if you go to the palace with peace of mind, I will go south to see him tomorrow. You can discuss it in detail when you return to Ningbo." "Yes!" "You must be careful when you enter the palace so as not to be killed." "Yes!" "I didn't expect the Kingdom of Meng to plot like this in the Central Plains. If you hadn't broken through this, the world would have fallen into the wolf's claws." "It was a fluke." "You must handle this matter carefully and perfectly, so as not to harm yourself and endanger the world." "I am proud of you." "Yes!" Not long after the two of them talked, Ah Chin-tsai went into Shen Xueqing's room to rest. The next morning, they said goodbye to Shen San and set off again. At noon on September 6, after Du Ning accompanied Ah Chin into the palace, he immediately went to the prime minister's mansion to pay his respects to Hong Xiangye. Soon,gear reduction motor, Hong Xiangye entered the hall with a smile on his face. Du Ning hurriedly saluted and said, "See the prime minister." "No courtesy!"! This is a good man. "The prime minister, his surname is Cheng, and his name is Jin Xing. He is the brother-in-law of the magistrate Yao." "Ah!"! It's you! As soon as he heard this, he immediately looked at Ah Chin Tsai. Chin quickly put down his baggage and knelt down, saying, "See the prime minister." "No courtesy, please rise." "Thank you,Gear Reduction Motor, Master." "A good man is really a good man. Yao yuan has a good eye." "Thank you, Master." "Meal or not?" "Not yet, but there's no hurry." "I'm having a meal. Come." The two men immediately thanked and followed. As soon as they entered the side hall, they saw the twelve relatives of Master Hong watching them. Master Hong laughed and said, "This Master Cheng is the husband of Yao yuan!" Hong Xiangye's grandson could not help staring at Ah Chin Tsai. Chin quickly leaned over and said, "Hello, everyone." They nodded gracefully. As soon as Hong Xiangye ordered, the servant immediately added two sets of tableware. After dinner, they had just returned to the hall when they saw a tall, thin, middle-aged man in his fifties hurrying into the hall. Du Ning immediately stepped out to greet him and said, "See the deputy seat." "Deputy," thought Ah Chin Tsai? Is he Chai Zhende? ?” Hearing this, the other party nodded and said, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Small Dc Gear Motor, "No courtesy. Will the Grand Commander return to the palace?" "Not yet." "What happened in Ningbo?" "The men of Xue Wen have made an appointment to fight, but they have been driven back. There is nothing else to do." "Why didn't the Grand Commander return to the palace?" "When I left Ningbo, I hadn't seen the commander for two days and nights." "This.." Where are the others? "Is it inconvenient to inquire about this matter?" "This.." Why did you enter the palace? "Prefect Yao asked his humble position to send Prince Cheng to the palace." The bearer glanced into the hall and saluted, saying, "See the prime minister." "Please sit down without courtesy." "I dare not disturb you." "See the guests off." The housekeeper immediately accompanied the visitors from the auditorium. Du Ning silently returned to the hall and took his seat. "Tell the prime minister," said Ah Chin Tsai, "is it convenient for the grass people to report to you alone?" "Oh, please." Hong Xiang was with him, and Ah Chin immediately went with him. Not long after, Ah Chin followed him into the study and immediately looked around and said, "There are a lot of books." "Please sit down!" Jin Zai came forward to lock the doors and windows and put down the curtains, and Hong Xiangye was stunned. Jin Zai stepped forward and said in a low voice, "It's a matter of great importance. Please be careful." With these words, he had taken out the Mongolian official uniform. Master Hong was stunned and said, "Where did you get this?"? What's the intention? ?” Jin Zai then pulled out the piece of paper from the inside and presented it to Hong Xiangye.
Hong Xiangye trembled all over when he saw it, and the paper made a sound of hunting! Before long, he put down the paper and said, "Where did this come from?" "The grass people came from the house of a wealthy family in Ningbo. They have been lurking for decades. They have used martial arts, gold, silver, and poisons to control many people. If they are allowed to rebel, it will be dangerous." Master Hong looked pale and said, "Man.." People "And?" "It has been executed by the grass people." "You should escort him to the palace." "It's very difficult. According to his confession before he died, six other high-ranking officials were under his control." "What.." What? When …… Seriously. "Is it true?" "The six?" "Lord Yao has detailed it in the fold of the memorial, and has asked the prime minister to present it for you." A Jin Zai took out the memorial from the bundle. As soon as Master Hong caught it, he said in a low voice, "Is it true?"? Don't deceive you. "The grass people have evidence to force out the six men." "All right, follow my face." "Thank you, Master," exulted Ah Chin. "I'm going to change my clothes, and you should wrap up the evidence first." "Yes!" A Jin Zai was glad to take the official clothes and the paper. Not long after he entered the hall with his bundle, Master Hong, dressed in court clothes, entered the hall with a memorial to the throne. "Let's go," he said. He followed respectfully. Soon, two people each take a sedan chair to leave! Jin Zai not only took the sedan chair for the first time, but also took the official sedan chair. He was overjoyed. From the screen window, he saw the neat streets and magnificent buildings along the way, which was an eye-opener. After a long time, they had already stepped out of the sedan chair. "See the prime minister," he said as he saw the two middle-aged men in military uniform saluting with swords. "Don't be polite. Please inform me if I want to be a saint." "Please let the prime minister enter the temple first." "What's in this bundle?" "The evidence," said Master Hung, "is guaranteed by his wealth." "Please!" With these words, he strode in first. Jin Zai then accompanied the prime minister to go to the expert. Not long after, as soon as they reached the front of the other hall,Small Geared Motors, they saw the Chamberlain and shouted, "The emperor has a decree. The prime minister Yihong has come to see him." "Obey the decree." As soon as Hong Xiangye winked at Ah Chin Tsai, he went inside first.
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