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The Reborn Queen of the Entertainment Circle (1st Dec 22 at 1:06am UTC)Quote Reply
Warm tears wet the palm of Huangpu Ouyang, the warm feeling permeated the heart of Huangpu Ouyang, into the blood, branded the eternal invincible brand. However, it was the burning tears that strengthened Huangpu Ouyang's belief in survival. His eyes slowly became spiritual. He said, "Nannan, don't cry. If you cry, my heart will be very painful.". Be good, don't cry, okay. Xiao Nan did not want to cry, but the tears were not controlled at all, and the grief and despair from the depths of her soul made it difficult for her to suppress them. She put her hand over her mouth and nose, trying to force back her tears. But the tears flow more fiercely. Xiao Nan's appearance made Huangpu Ouyang's whole heart and even his soul hurt. He said, "Nannan, don't cry, be good, don't cry, OK? I'll tell you a story, OK.." Xiao Nan nodded tremblingly and kept silent. Huangpu Ouyang smiled gently and said, "Nannan, I love you, do you know? I love you very much. From the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you inexplicably.". My whole heart is beating for you, and my mind is full of your shadow. That feeling is out of my control. Huangpu Ouyang paused and gasped. "Breathe," he added. In fact, I know you don't believe that I love you. But I still want to do something,Stainless Steel Toilet China, I want you to know, I really love you. Now, I have to go. I don't have much time left. Nannan, I want to say again, Nannan, I love you, believe me, okay? After saying these words, Huangpu Ouyang's chest rose and fell violently. Xiao Nan silently nodded with tears and sobbed and said,Concealed Flush Valve, 'I know. She believed in him. 。 Finally, after getting Xiao Nan's response, Huangpu Ouyang showed a relieved smile. "Just trust me," he added. Nannan, do you know? I don't want to die. No one wants to live more than I do. From the moment I met you, I prayed more than once that God would give me a little more time. I don't want much, just a year. I just want to love you quietly for a year. Sigh, Huangpu Ouyang gentle sad smile: "However, God he did not agree to my request, my time is running out..." "Oh." Huangpu Ouyang suddenly had the strength to laugh out loud, his enunciation also began to be clear, a pair of eyes also became bright and spiritual, especially charming, he said: "Nannan, you know, the story I want to tell is that my third brother and I have been having a dream since childhood.". This dream has not changed for ten years. Recalling that dream, Huangpu Ouyang's expression became erratic, as if his state of being a God just now was an illusion. He went on to say: "In dreams, Stainless Steel Squatting Pan ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, we always dream of a boy who can't see his face clearly. I don't remember anything else. I only know that I love him very much. That kind of love is happy, but it's also painful.." At this point, Huangpu Ouyang seemed to be in a dreamy state. He said, My third brother and I knew in our dreams that we loved the boy very much, but we never knew what he looked like. Every time I was about to see what the boy looked like, there would be a lot of blood. The whole world is the color of blood, particularly scary, people can not be frightened.
Finally, my third brother and I will wake up at the same time. Huangpu Ouyang's expression was infinitely hazy. He had no energy to notice that after Xiao Nan listened to his story, his eyes were round and staring, as if he was going crazy. He just seemed to have lost his soul, as if he was about to disappear and said: "Nannan, do you know, just now, the dream suddenly appeared in my mind, the boy." I still haven't seen him, but he said his name was Xiao Nan. Huangpu Ouyang's eyes slowly scattered, no longer focused, he murmured: "Nannan, he smiled at me, he said he loved me …" He said he waited for me for a long time. "Nannan.." You know, I love you.. I really love you. Huangpu Ouyang's voice is getting lower and lower. "Nannan, I don't want to die." I want to love you.. Want to love you. It's almost like the sound of a fly, so people can't hear it clearly. "Nannan.." Nannan. Shaw. Nan.. Mumble.. Close to silence.. "Nan.." Nan. Nan. Nan.. Only the lips were wriggling, and Huangpu Ouyang's eyes were completely astigmatic. Finally, close it slowly. …………………… …………………… …………………… "Ouyang!!!! Xiao Nan gave a loud cry with a crazy hissing sound. However, Huangpu Ouyang can no longer hear, he permanently closed his eyes. Xiao Nan's body suddenly shook, the whole person leaned back, slipped on the ground, no sound, as if lost soul. Huang Pu Rui looked blankly at the scene in front of him, as if he were silly, and did not make any reaction at all. But it is silent in the heart, he has been numb with pain, lost the feeling with the outside world. Hearing Xiao Nan's hissing cry, Nan Feng, Xiao Qian, Liu Chen, Long Tianao, Jian Ming, Nangong Qiu, and doctors and nurses all poured in. Xiao Qian quickly picked up Xiao Nan and strode out of the emergency room. Liu Chen, Long Tianao and Nan Feng stayed behind. Huang Pu Rui on the ground still did not respond, but slowly hung his head. And on the ground in front of him, it suddenly rained, drops of water hit the ground, wet a lot. Brothers leave, lovers can not stay together, supporting the collapse of the sky, the world, what I have left. What's left.. Huang Pu Rui murmured in the bottom of his heart, closing his eyes in great pain. South maple and flowing dust they are looking at the side, can't do anything. They watched helplessly as the doctors and nurses pushed Huangpu Ouyang out. But Huang Pu Rui sat on the ground all the time. They all know that what they say now is useless, and the only thing they can do is to stay here and watch Huang Pu Rui come out of his own world. After that, facing a new life.. Because, they all know that life is only a few decades,Self-closing Faucet, sad or bitter or happy, as long as you exist in this world for a day, you. You have to live..
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