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The Dead Man's Sutra (1st Dec 22 at 1:19am UTC)Quote Reply
People who doubt the life experience of the Dragon King must find a way to observe face to face, and Gu Shenwei feels that Zhong Heng's guess is very reasonable. For the next two days, Tu Pian-pian did not send any news. The envoys of the Central Plains did not announce their return to Beijing, nor did they ask to meet the Dragon King. Instead, they went to Si Di Jia Lan to worship Buddha and eat fast. They stayed in the temple and never came out. On the surface, Biyu City was peaceful, and even the assassinations in Nancheng were much less than a year ago. They only happened together in two or three days, and almost returned to normal levels. It was at this time that Luo Ning Tea insisted on seeing the Dragon King. Shangguan Hong was in charge of the message, and he was obviously very disgusted with the former eight sisters-in-law, "this woman." Alas, the Dragon King is merciful. Let me go back to Shiguo, or I can be a small soldier in the army. Shangguan Hong was supposed to monitor Xiao Wang, but Xiao Wang hurried back to the Central Plains, he felt that he did not need to stay with Luo Ning Tea. Don't worry, go back and tell her I don't have time. Shangguanhong was ready to be scolded back to the hostess, and soon came to see the Dragon King again, urging and threatening, "she said the Dragon King refused to see her, she would go to see the Central Plains envoy." Luo Ning tea knows the inside story is much more detailed than Tu Pian-pian, enough to destroy Xiao Wang carefully fabricated military merit, Gu Shenwei went,rosmarinic acid supplement, but in the heart is considering how to let this woman shut up forever. Chapter 880 shut up! Xiao Wang left too suddenly, leaving many unsolved problems, one of which made Luo Ningcha very angry. She promised the big and small leaders in the Iron Mountain Camp a brand-new armor and a reward for everyone, but the gold owner ran away first. Men are all like this. After Luo Ning Tea vented his anger on the furnishings and servants in the tent, he sent out words of grief and indignation and sentiment, "Before going to bed, I wish I could give you the whole world as a gift. After I succeed, I run faster than the flame horse. I'm so stupid. Why don't I keep my reserve like in the Dragon Court?"? Let men watch from a distance,turmeric extract powder, let them worry, let them pay. The maids and servants knew the hostess's temper, so no one dared to remind her that it was with the intervention of King Xiao that King Dubu "returned" more than two thousand Iron Mountain soldiers to the daughter of Big Head God, and she had already got a lot. Shangguan Hong mingled in the back of the crowd, trying not to let the new master see himself. In his heart, he hated the Dragon King so much that his teeth itched. There was no more cruel punishment in the world than serving Ronin tea. But Ronin Tea won't let him go. Shangguanhong is her favorite new toy. The surname "Shangguan" alone is enough to make her look at it differently. It used to be a family with equal status on the surface, but now it is a master-slave relationship between heaven and earth. What change is more exciting than this? "Shangguan Hong." Luo Ningcha gave a flat cry, but what was in his mind was Lady Meng. The two of them fought from time to time, and the only thing that did not change was their deep hatred for each other. Servants automatically get out of the way, Shangguan Hong had to step forward a few steps, kneel down, in front of the "Iron Mountain Nvshuai", but the same rules can not be omitted, "slaves in." "When will the Dragon King come?" "The Dragon King said he would do it as soon as possible. He is very busy now." Shangguan Hong steeled himself and replied. Asshole, pumpkin seed extract ,lutein eye complex, is that how you work for me? As soon as possible, all lies, all liars, men.. Oh. By the way, you're not a man anymore. Shangguan Hong looked down at the carpet and was surprised to find that even without causing any substantial harm, his hatred for the woman was still about to surpass Shangguan Fei's. Luo Ning Tea likes this topic very much, but it's not interesting to talk to himself, "Shangguan Hong.". Tell me, what does it feel like to be neither male nor female? Shangguanhong's feelings are complicated, knowing that he can kill all the people in the tent, but he must crawl on the ground to endure humiliation, double the test of his endurance, "no, no special feeling." "Is it?" Look at the "monster" shrinking into a ball in front of you. Luo Ning Tea almost forgot Xiao Wang and the Dragon King. "Yes, men will become normal without that thing. It should be Lady Meng who feels special. Haha, I really want to see the scene when you two meet." Shangguanhong tried to suppress the murder in his heart.
Her body trembled slightly, and the servant behind her saw it clearly, but Ronning Tea did not notice it. She remembered another funny thing. "Once upon a time, I had a maid who was blind and had no tongue. Unfortunately, she died early.". Otherwise, it would be a perfect match with you. No one spoke. Ronning Tea wanted to throw something, but he had nothing at hand. His anger rose inexplicably. "Bitch slave, I'm asking you. What are you pretending to be dead?" "Yes.". We made a great couple, but she died early. Shangguanhong's only consolation is that, unlike before, he has the ability to take revenge. All that's missing is timing. And you. Luo Ningcha pointed to more than ten servants and remembered Xiao Wang and the Dragon King who had abandoned him. "If anyone is not obedient, I will gouge out his eyes, pull out his tongue and betroth him to Shangguan Hong. Anyway, he doesn't care whether he is a man or a woman." Shangguanhong's patience was about to come to an end, and an announcement outside the tent saved him, as well as Luo Ning Tea and the servants of the full tent. The Dragon King has finally arrived. Gu Shenwei walked into the tent and saw the servants tidying up the messy objects and debris on the ground, holding them in their lapels, saluting respectfully to the Dragon King, and running out in a hurry. When Shangguan Hong passed by the Dragon King, Gu Shenwei ordered, "You stay." Shangguan Hong slightly stupefied, immediately retreated to the corner, the pleasure of killing at any time disappeared, the Dragon King just stood there, it brought tremendous pressure, almost made him forget his own martial arts. Ronning Tea frowned more and more tightly. "What are you doing with so many people?" Gu Shenwei brought only two men, Tie Linglong and Old Man Mu. When he saw that the servants had all quit, he said, "Let me tell you something." "What is it?" Luo Ning tea asked blankly, faintly feeling that today's Dragon King is not quite the same as usual. Keep your mouth shut. If you can't, I'm going to do it. "Do it?" Ronin Tea is unfamiliar with this word. Fear, doubt and anger are intertwined,lycopene for skin, and finally anger wins out. "You want to kill me?"? How dare you You are just a slave of my family. Only when I respect you can I call you the Dragon King. Ha, how dare you threaten me? Move my finger, the people of the Central Plains will tear you and the Dragon Army to pieces. 。
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