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The Supreme Rookie of Online Games (1st Dec 22 at 1:45am UTC)Quote Reply
Two people heard the explosion immediately is a stupefied, the other team is obviously also found the blue dragon lead, the two people said is also obviously with some provocative intentions. It's all right. We were bombed. "Night without a blade:" Anyway, we found the exit and went out together. It's the same for anyone who finds it. " Night without a blade said to detonate the ice in front of him, but at this time, a black ball suddenly came out from their side, and both of them were startled by the sudden situation. After the black ball appeared, it rolled directly towards the two men. Xu Yang hurriedly pulled the night without a blade to hide in one corner, but while the black ball rolled past, another black ball suddenly appeared in front of the two men again, and the two men immediately hid in other corners. The black ball rolled directly in front of the two men in the acceleration. At this time, the two men heard a sudden noise in the maze, and occasionally there was a sound of something breaking. After an exchange of eyes, they immediately said at the same time: "The ship has arrived." The two men knew that if it hadn't been for the arrival of the ship, it would have been impossible for so many players to appear in the maze at the same time. While they were still safe, the night without a blade quickly led the blue dragon into an ice cube. After the two men dodged, an explosion appeared again. The two men were about to fetch the wooden box, but a golden box suddenly appeared in front of them. Two people at least also blew up more than twenty ice walls, but such a box is the first time to appear, although I do not know what is inside, but Xu Yang and the night without a blade of the heartbeat is an instant acceleration, two people almost at the same time rushed to the golden box before, see no one pay attention to their direction,stainless steel tube 304, Xu Yang directly opened the box. A note then appeared in front of the two men. Congratulations, you found the coordinates of the exit. Attack the coordinates of 17 and 15 twice, and the exit will be opened. See this message, two people immediately excited, night without blade said: "I say, I have been very lucky." "Then I really owe it to you." As Xu Yang spoke, he threw the box and the note directly on the ground. A few seconds later, the two things were all refreshed directly. Xu Yang looked around and asked, "But where is this coordinate?" "Look for it,stainless steel 304 pipes," said the night without a blade. "No matter from which corner, there are only four such coordinates. You should be able to find them soon." Two people are about to set out to look for coordinates, Xu Yang is suddenly stupefied: "No, we do not have a detonator now, what if we run into an ice wall?" "That's not easy to say," the night without a blade directly took out the machete and said: "Go, brother, I'll take you to rob." Chapter 266 the message of the Golden Box. "Boom" At this time, not far away again came a loud noise, although others do not understand the mystery, but Xu Yang and the night without a blade is very clear, in the explosion at the same time, Qinglongyin will appear again, two people immediately toward the place where the explosion appeared. Basket color, There are more and more players in the maze, and the movement of black balls is more and more frequent. Ten of the black balls they see along the way are in a state of acceleration. Therefore, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, when crossing the intersection, all players consciously follow the principle of "one slow and three passes". If those black balls are not counted, the traffic in the maze can be said to be particularly good. Boom. "Boom" Two people had not gone far, but two explosions appeared almost at the same time, Xu Yang immediately asked the night without a blade: "Do you say that other teams are likely to get the news of the exit?" The question stunned the night without a blade, but then a loud laugh suddenly appeared from a distance. Wahaha, a key. Xu Yang and the night without a blade is immediately a stupefied, from the news they got, it seems that in this maze does not need the "key" this kind of thing, and in their two doubts at the same time, count to the figure suddenly toward the place of laughter around, Xu Yang saw, rushed past almost all took out their weapons, it seems to be ready to shoot directly.
"Go and have a look." The night without a blade also ran past, but Xu Yang still said strangely: "The key, do you need a key here?" Around the ice has been cleared by two people, Xu Yang looked, but saw not far away two people are holding a wooden box to make a face full of excitement. Seemed to feel strange, the night without a blade did not run two steps then stopped, he turned around and asked Xu Yang: "If that kind of empty box is not thrown away, it will not disappear." Xu Yang immediately confirmed: "Yes, I can do that for a lifetime." Xu Yang's voice just fell, a man in the distance suddenly made a flapping action out of thin air, Xu Yang and the night without a blade immediately realized what, they looked there, only to see the players to surround the two men, the two men threw down the wooden box and fled to the distance, rushed past four or five people immediately ready to grab the wooden box, but at this time, an explosion suddenly appeared. Boom. With a loud noise, the space seemed to suddenly break up, and the two of them only saw a large area of shining ice crystals suddenly appear in the distance, and under that shining light, several white lights suddenly flew straight into the sky. "This is the first time I have seen a guy who is more insidious than the stars," Xu Yang sighed. With the power of an explosion, several competitors were directly killed by the two men, and the players who had not yet caught up with them were stunned on the spot. While shocked, they also felt grateful. Because in a straight line, Xu Yang two people see the course of things very clearly, although the explosion has passed, but the two players did not come back. "Boom" Two explosions sounded again, Xu Yang's heart was immediately startled, he suddenly found that the explosion just now was not the original two teams of people in the ice explosion, that is to say, this team did not know what would be left after the explosion. "Oh, buy." With a loud shout, Xu Yang immediately opened the wind and thunder step. When he shouted "Oh" again, he was still in place, but when he shouted "Buy", he had already run past the night without a blade, and when he shouted "Ga", he had rushed to the place where the explosion had just happened. Only then did Ye Wujian understand what had happened,aluminium coated tubes, and when he saw the gold in Xu Yang's hand, he could not help exclaiming: "Oh, my Virgin Mary.".
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