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H & Q (4th Jan 23 at 12:39am UTC)Quote Reply
Unconvinced, Tu Lei said, Nonsense! Who told him to let go? See if he can catch my temple! Liu Ding said slowly, "Are you not convinced?" Tu Lei said rudely: "Of course!"! Unless you beat me down! Why don't you try moving my temple? Liu Ding stepped forward and said in a deep voice, "In that case, be careful!" Tu Lei said nonchalantly, "You come up!"! I'm not afraid of you! Liu Ding gently ran two steps, it seems nothing special, but after the third step, he suddenly accelerated. A rise and fall in front of Tu Lei, tiptoe on the ground a little, volleyed over Tu Lei's head. Tu Lei subconsciously raised his fist and hit him on the top of his head, but missed the target. Over the head of the other side, Liu Ding gently stretched out his hand, the knuckles of his fingers, a heavy knock on Tu Lei's temple, and then steadily fell behind Tu Lei, slowly turned around. "What are you doing?" Tu Lei said nonchalantly? Test me? You see, I'm not well. All of a sudden. He felt as if his vision was a little blurred. As his head grew heavier and heavier, he felt the world spinning around him. Before he had finished the last sentence,plastic pallet box, he was foaming at the mouth, and his eyes looked very strange, as if he could not believe it anyway. Poof! Tu Lei's tall body, as if drunk, fell on his back. The dust is flying. There was a sudden silence below. Breathing sounds are clearly visible. Liu Ding said coldly, "He lost. Pull him back!"! Four hours later. He will wake up slowly. After a moment's hesitation, four rebel soldiers came up and dragged Tu Lei back. They found that Tu Lei was still foaming at the mouth and unconscious,plastic pallet manufacturer, but it was normal to test his pulse. Many people thought that Liu Ding was using the demon method, in the heart awe-inspiring, no longer dare to speak out. Liu Ding's eyes swept and he said slowly, "Is there anyone else who wants to come up and challenge?" Silence. Liu Ding looked across again and said slowly, "Are there only two people who have the courage to challenge?" Silence again. Liu Ding was about to say the third time when someone said in a clear voice, "I'll try!" "Give me your name!" Linghu Wing solemnly shouted. Bai Qinling! The soldier said calmly, and his voice seemed very gentle. In fact, this soldier named Bai Qinling was also very gentle in appearance, tall in stature and fair in skin. It was even a little strange that it was difficult to infer his age from his appearance, perhaps in his twenties, but perhaps in his thirties. His face was not very handsome, but it gave people a sense of elegance. It would be most natural to say that such a person appeared in the ranks of Ju Zi Xiucai, but he happened to appear in Gang Zi Camp. Liu Ding gazed at his eyes and found that the man's eyes were very clear and unfathomable, and he could not see his inner thoughts at all. Bai Qinling seemed to feel that Liu Ding was peeping at him, mobile garbage bin ,plastic pallet supplier, but he didn't mind. He walked steadily to the front of the soldiers of Guiyudu and chose his opponent. Bai Qinling selected Gui Yudu soldier, called Liu Gu, like him, the appearance is very ordinary, there is nothing special. Liu Gu stepped forward three steps and assumed the posture of fighting. Bai Qinling said calmly, "I want to compare arrows with him!" It turned out to be an archer. Liu Gu slowly took off the long bow of the snake ridge behind him, stepped obliquely, bent the bow and took the arrow, and someone beside him gave the bow and arrow to Bai Qinling. Bai Qinling weighed the bow and arrow in her hand and said lightly, "It's too soft!" Liu Ding said slowly, "How many catties can you pull?" "One hundred and fifty catties," said Bai Qinling gently. As soon as this remark was made, the whole audience was shocked. Liu Ding himself was slightly surprised. You know, all the Gui Yu soldiers, including Linghu Wing and Zang Lezhao, two archers, did not pull a hard bow of one hundred and fifty catties. They all use the standard snake-backed long bow, and their strength is about seventy-five catties. Of course, Linghu Wing and Zang Lezhao are more than that. But there was no suitable strengthening bow for them, and they could not pull the hard bow of 150 kilograms, so they had to continue to use the long bow of snake ridge.
"Are you sure?" Said Linghu Wing in disbelief. Liu Ding also has some suspicious look. This Bai Qinling looks quite ordinary in appearance, but it is really surprising that she can pull a hard bow of 150 catties. Wei Guoyong said in a low voice, "He used to be Liu Fangyi's bodyguard." Liu Ding nodded. He immediately asked someone to bring over his iron bow, which was a real hard bow of one hundred and fifty catties. According to Wei Guoyong's introduction, Liu Chao rose up in Yunzhou. Surging as a rising wind and scudding clouds, there are a lot of strange people among them, they have their own abilities, it is not ordinary people can be reasonable. The insurrectionary army of Liu Chao was able to fight in the north and south of the Yangtze River, which was inseparable from the strong fighting capacity of these people. The reason why Zhu Guodong, the military governor of Xuanwu, was able to rise rapidly and control the Central Plains in the case of being attacked on all sides was also because of the failure of Liu Chao's uprising. Most of the strange people took refuge under Zhu Guodong, such as Shen Congzhou, the "Arrow God" and Luo Yanzhang, the "Gun King", who were no less powerful than the Turks Li Cihuan and Li Xiaohuan. In full view of the public, Bai Qinling calmly took the iron arm bow, easily pulled the ox tendon bowstring, and then buckled an iron bone arrow, looking for a target to shoot. The target was a hundred paces away, but he had no intention of aiming at it. People don't think there's anything wrong with it. Masters naturally have their own ways of showing. They just have to be patient. Since the opponent opened the iron arm bow, Liu Gu had no need to compete, so he silently watched Bai Qinling's movements. Whoosh! As soon as Bai Qinling let go, the iron bone arrow whistled away, and something seemed to fall to the ground in the distant shadow, but he did not know what it was. Linghu Wing ran over to pick it up and saw that it was a sparrow. The lethality of the Iron Bone Arrow is too great. The sparrows are all broken. I could only pick up a few pieces of broken meat. There are few birds in winter,collapsible pallet box, only sparrows with strong vitality. Still in the cold weather activities, did not expect to meet such a magic arrow, it also had to admit bad luck. OK 。
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