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Rebirth 60 good life (4th Jan 23 at 12:39am UTC)Quote Reply
Ye Bing went home and packed a pot of mung bean soup for her father to see the male educated youth by the way. Two male educated youth are cutting rice, they are only in charge of cutting, bundling and stacking are all helped by others. In this way, it was slow, and most of it was left behind by the players. Those big girls and little daughters-in-law always look at them secretly, and then laugh and laugh for a while, not knowing what to say and what to laugh. Ye Bing focused on their faces, very disappointed, not as good-looking as her father. It is white and clean, and a little bookish, especially one of them with glasses is very gentle, and the rice is also very gentle. Ye Bing really do not understand, what on earth they come to do, but Ye Bing decided to increase the little brother's exercise, archery practice should also be put on the agenda, if the road to school is impassable, hunting with her, how can a man have the ability to support his family. Soon after, Ye Bing knew what they were doing. After the autumn harvest, the captain gave everyone a holiday and let everyone have a good rest. Four educated youth began to "work",spill plastic pallet, and they put up two big-character posters at the gate of the brigade. Then read aloud to the passing team members. When Captain Ma rushed over, there was already a circle of people. Spread out! Spread out! The captain and the accountant squeezed in. What are you arguing about? It's not that I worked like a dead dog a few days ago. Captain, we are Communist. The property here belongs to every player, doesn't it? The educated youth wearing glasses took the lead in replying. Yes There's nothing to say about that. Then why there are private plots, but also let farmers raise chickens and pigs, this is an asset style! "" Before he could finish, the team members around him quit. Why not raise chickens and pigs? They point to this all the year round for some money. They didn't say that just now. What do you know about this kid? You can't control what happens on our team. "Who are you?" "I can't do my own work well,plastic wheelie bins, and I'm still in charge of everything." …… Captain Ma waved his hand and asked everyone to be quiet. "I didn't receive the above documents. Let's all go back. It's cold. What are you doing here?" Several of them went back swearing, and some of them glared at the four of them. Learn from Dazhai in agriculture! Captain, your consciousness is not good. Only by raising consciousness and selfless dedication of every member can we build the brigade well. We will not give up. The educated youth with glasses went back with people. Leaving the captain and the accountant looking at each other, neither of them looked good. It seems that it will not stop in the future. They guessed right, and the four of them were divided into two teams to go door to door to help the team members raise their consciousness. The players were too bored to do anything because they were holding the Little Red Book in their hands. Because of the worship of the chairman, no one dares to disrespect the Little Red Book. The team members had no choice but to go to the captain. He brought them back and sent them back quickly. Captain Ma clearly knew that there was little hope, but he still went to the town government. As a result, he saw several captains, all of whom came to "retire". The mayor's office turned into a complaint meeting in an instant. Mayor, you really can't give it back to us for a change. Captain Ma is really not demanding. The mayor stared, "Why can't you manage it well? You see, many brigades react that the educated youth can bear hardships and stand hard work, learn farm work very quickly, and find their own responsibilities." Several captains were scolded and went back with a dusty face. Captain Ma began to grind his teeth on the way, euro plastic pallet ,plastic trash bins, Pockmarked eggs, go back and announce to lift the soil, no one can be lazy. You torture my spirit, I torture your body! The author has something to say: Captain Ma is also very cute. Chapter 70 Father Ye was almost angry. Is it easy for him to steal and raise some rabbits and pigs?! He almost borrowed the black hair from his uncle's house. If those educated youths dared to set the dog on them! The main reason is that his Zhu Bai is always misunderstood as a big cat, and the deterrent is not enough! Fortunately, his home is remote and has not been noticed for a while, but his daughter reminds him that sometimes attack is the best defense. Ye's father suddenly realized that they (educated youth) were doing this, and they could do it too! Find the captain, you have to find the captain! He wants to offer advice! Ye Dad handed the captain a big front door cigarette, "I know it's not easy for the captain, and now it's easy to invite God and difficult to send God, but we can't let them stir up like this. There are really people on our team who have been taken askew, and it will be more difficult to manage in the future.".
” Captain Ma wants to hold Ye's father's hand and cry a few voices, bosom friend! Not to mention others, her cousin (Ma Cuiping, director of women's affairs) said last time at the brigade headquarters that these educated youth had a high level of consciousness. He was really afraid that she would get mixed up with them as soon as her brain came out, and that the Ma and Luo families would be scolded to death behind their backs, and that at least eighteen generations of ancestors would not be able to run away. I'm going to call someone tomorrow. Let's lift the floor and do it early. What Captain Ma said is to plow the rice field after cutting the rice, which can not only get out the rice stubble, but also turn out the insect eggs in the land and freeze them to death in winter, so that there will be fewer pests and diseases next year. There is a saying in the farmhouse that "wheat covers three quilts and sleeps with steamed buns next year!" That is to say, if the snow is thick in winter and the eggs in the field are frozen to death, there will be a bumper harvest next year. Ye Dad held out his thumb, "This move is high!"! In fact, we can still do this and that. The more they said, the more excited they were, and they giggled a few times. The picture was so beautiful. The next day, the captain struck a Gong for the team members to gather, announced the lifting of the earth, and then called the educated youth up. When you educated youth come to the countryside, do you want to work like the peasants, or do you look down on our mud legs? The captain came up and questioned. No matter what the educated youth think in their hearts, they will deny it at this time. "According to the Chairman's instructions, the educated youth will go to the countryside to receive re-education from the poor and lower-middle peasants." The captain climbed along the pole. "Everyone heard it. These educated youths want us to educate them.". Ye Laoer, Lu Laosan, Cuiping's sister-in-law, and my daughter-in-law, today I give you the educated youth, and I must teach them to lift the ground. Educated youth, don't be afraid of hardship, tiredness and dirt when you get to the countryside. It's all about assets. Put away the set of Miss Jiao and Young Master in the city. We are also sincere for you, so we can't release water. Did you four masters hear that? The stricter you are, the better for them! Four people, especially Ye's father, answered the loudest,collapsible bulk container, "I know, captain!" "Don't worry, Captain!" 。
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