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Hollow Man _ Hanzhao (7th Dec 22 at 5:07am UTC)Quote Reply
"Ye Bing." Qi Zheng shook his head slowly, "you said I could, please don't attack Ding Lanxin." "I attacked her?" Ye Bing laughed, "who is not clear with you in private, but also deceive my uncle to fall in love?"? My uncle is rich, you are handsome, Ding Lanxin is very smart, then my uncle's money to keep you, is simply shameless. The conversation could not go on. Qi Zheng turned around and opened the balcony door and went straight inside. As he walked, he said, "It's very late. You should go back." Ye Bing did not comply, to take his hand: "Do not go!"! I'm not finished yet! What's going on? Don't I say Ding Lanxin? How long have you known her! Does she love you as much as I do?! She's my uncle's daughter. This time, Qi Zheng did not shake off Ye Bing's hand, he froze there, looked around the room after a circle, he rushed out of the door like crazy. The door was open, and Ye Bing realized that Qi Rong had disappeared. Chapter 63 Qi Zheng ran around the area before and after two laps, did not see the figure of Qi Rong. He asked the security guard, someone said that he did see a little boy walking out of the gate of the community alone, because it was dark, the security guard also asked him, the little boy answered that he was going to buy drinks for his brother. Although Qi Rong was young,temperature check kiosk, he often went to and from school alone with his schoolbag on his back. The security guards in the community had an impression of him, so they did not stop him. Qi Zheng reported to the police, after the police came to check the monitoring with him, confirmed that Qi Rong was alone downstairs and out of the gate of the community. On the surveillance screen, Qi Rong's figure looked particularly thin and small, he did not bring anything, even did not wear a coat, and soon disappeared in the dead corner of the surveillance after walking out of the gate. Qi Zheng stared at the screen without blinking. The policeman said,temperature screening kiosk, "Call the child's relatives, friends, teachers and classmates first. Do you know if he has any money?"? Some children know how to take a taxi, maybe they go to their classmates and relatives. Qi Zheng grabbed his hair and took out his cell phone to call, Lang Hui, Yao Jiawei, Jiang Dan. Even the boss of the express station where he used to work, and the teacher in charge of the class before Qi Rong did not transfer to school, Qi Zheng was sure that Qi Rong would not go to them, but still asked them to help pay attention. Finally, Qi Zheng dialed Ding Lanxin's phone and said succinctly: "Ding Lanxin, Qi Rong is missing. I think he may be looking for you. He remembers your phone number. Please keep it on and pay attention to it for me. If he comes, you must inform me at the first time." Tiantian had fallen asleep. Ding Lanxin was stunned for a few seconds after hearing this. She immediately replied, "I know. Let's keep in touch." Just as she was about to hang up, she suddenly remembered something and asked, face detection android ,temperature scanning kiosks, "Have you ever asked Cheng Keng's father?" Qi Zheng answers: "Need not ask, he won't look for Cheng Keng." From the beginning to the end, Ye Bing stayed beside Qi Zheng. Qi Zheng received a call back from Lang Hui, saying that he would not sleep and would help him go out to look for him overnight. Qi Zheng nodded: "Thank you, Ah Lang." The police are busy on the side, Qi Zheng prepares to continue to go out to look for, Ye Bing called him: "Qi Zheng." Qi Zheng looked back at her and Ye Bing said, "I'll go with you." Without thinking, he said, "No." "You can take my car. It will be more convenient." She handed him the car keys, Qi Zheng still shook his head: "Really not, very late, you go back, a girl is not safe outside at night." Ye Bing's eyes were red again: "I'm sorry, I know you blame me in your heart." Qi Zheng was so upset that he saw her crying and said, "I don't blame you. It has nothing to do with you." Finish saying, also do not wait for Ye Bing to speak again, he has already rushed out of the door. Qi Zheng thinks he knows Qi Rong very well. This child is actually very smart. He is not the kind of single-minded and stubborn person. He will never run away from home without a destination, and this destination can only be Ding Lanxin. Qi Zheng went to Ding Lanxin's home in Lijingyuan. Qi Rong had lived here for a few days. He thought the smelly boy would come here. But as a result, the three-storey building was dark and the door was closed. Qi Zheng went around the community for a long time and asked the security guard, but there was no news about Qi Rong. On the other side, Ding Lanxin did not sleep either. She sat downstairs at her parents' house, holding her cell phone in her hand and paying vigilant attention to the surrounding environment.
Before, she is not at ease, or to Cheng Siji made a phone call, asked him to ask Cheng Keng side, these days Qi Rong in school there is nothing unusual, unexpectedly, Cheng Keng said, he has not talked to Qi Rong for several days, not only him, the other students in the class have ignored Qi Rong, because what happened that day in Cheng Keng's home has been known by the whole class, everyone knows. Qi Rong is a liar. Ding Lanxin knew that Qi Rong must have been wronged, thought about it, or told Qi Zheng about it. Early May weather, the night is very cold, Ding Lanxin wearing a coat is still shivering, she thought where Qi Rong would go, if he caught a cold how to do? What should I do if I am hungry? What should I do if I am sleepy? The scariest thing is, will he be abducted and sold? Ding Lanxin prayed that Qi Rong himself would call the police for help. It had been more than three hours since he disappeared. If he really came to find her, he would have walked all the way! It was destined to be a sleepless night. By the next morning, the morning news program of Fujiang TV had broadcast the news of Qi Rong's disappearance. It turned out that Qi Rong did not go to find Ding Lanxin. After dawn, Qi Zheng really began to be afraid. He printed hundreds of leaflets with Qi Rong's photos overnight and went to the streets to distribute them. Many people helped him go out to look for them. Even Zhu Min, Wang Yihang, Qiao Lei and Fu Yan did not run to the hospital. They drove around the streets and asked cleaners, security guards, urban management officers and traffic policemen with their photos. The police deployed troops at railway stations and bus stations to guard against death. Weibo also began to act,digital signage kiosk, Qi Rong's photos were forwarded countless times. There was no news until two o'clock in the afternoon. Ding Lanxin and Qi Zheng met. Qi Zheng didn't sleep all night. His shirt was wrinkled, his hair was disheveled, and his eyes were bloodshot. He sat by the flower bed at the gate of the community with a dull face.
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