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Do you want to buy a coffin? (7th Dec 22 at 5:09am UTC)Quote Reply
His mind has been completely left in that place, he does not want this feeling of distress, he does not want this illusion of emptiness. Chu Fan, immersed in his own world, did not notice the changes in the original world. Chu Fan tried to search for the road name in his memory, but what happened to this desolate city? Is it really because Mu Yan brought him to that world that the balance between the two worlds was broken? This is clearly not the case. Chu Fan wandered around the ruins of the surrounding places, which were far from the prosperous and powerful city a year ago. A desperate thought came to my mind that those people had sent him to the wrong place. Finally, he found a living person to question. Here Did something happen? The other side looked a little surprised. "Didn't you read the newspaper?" "That." Chu Fan was a little embarrassed. "I just came back." The other side disapprovingly'oh ', picked up a piece of incomplete newspaper at his feet and threw it to him. Chu Fan wondered when the newspaper had appeared on the scene and why he hadn't seen it just now. It turns out that so many things happened while I was away. Chu Fan suddenly looked up at the man in front of him, "is this about you?" The expression of his shining eyes is like turning serfs to see Chairman Mao, lost people to see the Big Dipper, hungry dogs to meet steamed buns by chance.. At this moment, standing in front of Chu Fan with a disapproving and carefree face, it is the people in the newspaper who shout to kill the human alien race that they want to catch-Ding Mo. Teng Ji told Chu Fan a lot of things, such as the Demons and ghosts that existed in his original world. If you have a ghost eye, can you please take me to find someone? "Although my previous office had a lot of work to find people and things, but now that the office is closed,Slate Wall Panel, you'd better go to your own people for this kind of thing.". But now, they may not have time to pay attention to you. Ding Mo's cold words, in the face of human cruelty, he really has no need to think about these people. But only you can help me in this matter. Chu Fan hesitated for a long time, "I said I was looking for someone, no,grey marble slab, another name might be more accurate." Ding Mo one face mocks, strange, this person knows what happened in this city unexpectedly did not have a little worry, instead asks oneself to help. I want to see the keeper. Chu Fan said so, and then self-reported his name, "Hello, my name is Chu Fan." His eyes sparkled with some unknown light. At that moment, Ding Mo could probably understand why Chu Fan could be indifferent to the city. If a man lives in this world with only one goal, everything else is just an ornament to him. Ding Mo honestly confessed that the keeper was not what he wanted to see, and naturally, he was not what he wanted to see, and that he did not want to see those guys who did things regardless of other people's ideas. Chu Fan was unrelenting and vowed to meet the keeper. He really had something important to go back to. Where is that? Ding Mo has a small inexplicable record. Looking at his firm and restless face, Calacatta Nano Glass ,Artificial Marble Slabs, Ding Mo couldn't help. "I really can't help you.". If you want to go into the demon world to see the scenery, I'll take you there without saying a word. "Is there really a demon world in the world here?" Even after reading the newspaper, Chu Fan could not fully believe it at first. After all, this kind of story only appeared in the comics he had read. (Well, in fact, his experience is almost only in the comics.) Chu Fan spent a whole night digesting the legend of the Demons, human beings and Chiyou of the ancient Yan Huang, which can not be blamed on him, logic is not his strong point.
(In fact, some ice also spent an hour sorting out that ancient legend.) >__ 20. Butterfly coffin ? The author has something to say: First of all, I want to say sorry to those who have read this chapter and the previous chapter before. At that time, these two chapters were written in a hurry, so now the changes are beyond recognition. Khan, the story of the new "Two" has now been decided. I hope you will forget the mess of the previous two chapters ^ _ ^ From now on, some ice will seriously abuse Mu Yan and Xiaofan classmates. Naturally, there will still be stories about selling coffins in the middle, after all, this is the title of the article. Do you know if people are tired of this kind of story? A certain ice who is in a panic and holding expectant eyes "Don't forget what you promised me. I'll inform you of the buyer of the next coffin." The second time I opened my eyes, I heard footsteps coming and going, as if I heard someone asking the doctor. Doctor? It's an ancient word. When I opened my eyes for the third time, my headache was relieved and my breathing was much smoother. You're a lucky boy. Turning his head, it was a woman. It looks familiar. It seems to be the fourth aunt who lived in the next street when Liu Bo lived there. The doctor said that you went to the King of Hell for a stroll and almost couldn't come back. The King of Hell? It means the keeper. Although this is the general doctor's exaggeration, but for him, it is really a trip to the underworld. Chu Fan moved his eyes, glanced at the furnishings of the room, and sure enough, it was still this time. The first time I opened my eyes, the thatched roof was grey and my eyelids were heavy. Chu Fan obediently said that he had no time to care about the question of why he had fallen in the mountains. He only knew that he was the only one they had found. He believed that if Mu Yan's last sentence was to send him back, he should stay in his own city now, but that was not the case. The only explanation he could give himself was that Mu Yan had no ability to cross time and space and history at that time. He returned to this world safely. What about him? "Excuse me, have you seen a man dressed in white, with no expression and few words?" "Excuse me, have you ever seen someone so tall and thin who always wears white clothes?" "Excuse me, have you seen.." "Hello, I want to ask." "Wait.." I'm sorry, I've got the wrong person. Standing in the crowded street market, suddenly, everything is back to the beginning. Please,Marble Granite Price, cripple or cripple or die or live, at least let me know the result, OK.
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